What Should I Do This Weekend?

Here’s a quick summary of my workouts last week:

Monday – 6.3 miles tempo-ish run
Tuesday – 5.6 miles normal (included in the same post as Monday’s run)
Wednesday – 19.25 miles !!
Thursday – REST
Friday – REST
Saturday – 4 miles normal w/ Angela and Olivia in northern Michigan – also, some paddleboarding = arm workout
Sunday – cross train – 12 miles biking, leisurely on a tandem bike

Even though I didn’t get a run in on Friday as planned, I’m still really happy with the runs I did this past week and glad to have gotten my mileage up (both long run mileage and total weekly mileage which was about 35 miles).  I would still like to get that weekly mileage up a little more over the next 3-4 weeks before I taper.  But I say that every week.

I haven’t decided yet what I want to do this weekend.  I might go to Madison, WI to watch the Ironman Wisconsin and in that case I would probably shoot for a 20 mile long run on Saturday.  But after all the driving this past weekend, a day trip to Michigan planned for the following weekend, and then UD Parents Weekend at the end of September, I think a weekend without traveling will be nice.  So if I stay here in Chicago this weekend, I can do a half marathon on Sunday or do a long run either day.  Here’s my plan for Monday through Friday at least.  Obviously Monday already happened, so I just put in what I already did.

Monday – hill workout ~4.5 miles
Tuesday – 10-12 miles
Wednesday -6 miles
Thursday – Speed Workout – Mile Repeats
Friday – 5 miles

And now it’s September!  As far as August running mileage, I ended up with 140 miles. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know that I am comparing these couple months of marathon training to how I did during 2010 when I was training for the Columbus Marathon. In August of that year, I ran 145 miles, so I’m pretty much at exactly the same.  I was hoping to be significantly higher for the August mileage, but the beginning of the month was pretty low-mileage.

September should be a big increase over 2010 because I only had 98 miles that month. I want to shoot for close to 200 miles this September.

I decided I needed another picture and thought I’d include another one from the lake weekend, but then I thought – why not find a picture from last September?  My soul was sold away to the public accounting world for most of the month, but then I got to go to Nashville to celebrate Grace’s Bachelorette party!!  Are you aware that according to whatever spell check system this blogging software uses, bachelorette is not a word?  It wants to correct it to bachelor.  That is weird.  And now I just typed it in Microsoft Word and it is a word there.  Google Blogger must not think that girls have fun too.

What are you planning to do this week?  Or this weekend?

Have you ever been to Nashville? 

2 Thoughts on “What Should I Do This Weekend?

  1. great picture! what mile should jim and i make sure we are at to cheer you on?

    also — bachelorette is not a word in my phone, and i find that annoying…

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