November Goals – How Did I Do?

Remember when I made some goals back at the beginning of November?

Well, here’s how I did on them:

Starbucks – I only had Starbucks a few times, and most were for good reason.  Once while I was visiting Anne in Denver and hung out in the Starbucks near her house for a few hours while she was at work.  And again when I met up with Katie from Peace, Love & Oats.  Besides that, I think I had Starbucks 2 other times – one Friday night when I went to Starbucks to hang out and read, and only once during the work week all month!  Woo for easily saving money!

Eating out for lunch during the workweek – Boom, saving even more money.  I didn’t eat out at all for lunch at work except for the last workday of the month – this past Wednesday.  I couldn’t help it.  I didn’t grocery shop for the week since it was a short week and I just didn’t have enough food to get me through all 3 days.  And in case you’re wondering what I had – Sopraffina’s.  People from work go there a lot but I never had, mainly because it is right across from Potbelly’s and Potbelly’s is always a winner.  But I’m glad i tried something new because the panini I had was really good – ham and Swiss on a pretzel bun :)

170 Twitter followers -I was at 167 followers at the end of the month, so not bad.  My ultimate goal is 200 by the end of the year, so I think I’m on track.

100 Facebook page followers – My blog’s Facebook page is up to 119 likes on Facebook!

500 unique visitors to my blog this month – I feel a little short on this – 468 unique visitors during the month, but I’m still pretty happy with that!  I’ve had a lot of new traffic, so I can’t really complain.  And I know to if I am patient and write good content, the readers will come.  But I’m happy for all the readers I already have :)  That’s way more than I expected to have when I started the blog!

Run 150 miles – I fell more than a little short on the running goal.  November ended with a total of 69 miles…less than half of my goal.  It was very hard to motivate myself most of the month given the cold temperatures and post-marathon laziness.

Weight training – I haven’t been specifically tracking my weight training, but I’ve been keeping it up pretty well!  And I’ve have started working in the planking too.

I think my November goals went pretty well.  As far as the running/weight training, I’m gonna call November a rebuilding month.  It’s hard to get going again now that the Chicago Marathon is over.  I did a really good job on not eating out/getting Starbucks during the week and am continuously increasing the blog traffic!  I hope my new design changes have helped :)

I’ve been working on the December goals and will have those up soon!  Let’s just say running more consistently is at the top of my list.

How was your November?

2 Thoughts on “November Goals – How Did I Do?

  1. Wow. 150 miles is quite a bit. Though I realize it’s only 3 miles per day. I’m not a big Starbucks fan but do like to eat out – that’s a habit I’m stopping!

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