Making A New Ending

I don’t think I’ve given a weekly training recap since I was training for the Chicago Marathon way back when.  And now that I’m training for another, I suppose I should be recapping my weeks.  As of now, I’m pretty sure my goal race is the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon in May.  I haven’t registered yet though, so that could change…but either way, a spring marathon.  So we’ll call this past week my official first week of training.

Monday4 miles
Tuesday4.25 miles
Wednesday2 miles
Thursday – OFF
Friday4 miles
Saturday10 miles
Sunday – OFF

Total – 24 miles

I also did a decent amount of weight training and core work, but I’m gonna stick to just recapping the running and cross training.

As for this week, I’m not going to make a specific plan again.  I will still be using the week as a rebuilding/getting back into running regularly week.  And hopefully no more polar vortex so that I can run outside more than on the treadmill.

AND I’ll be in Phoenix next Friday – Tuesday!!  So I’m not exactly sure what our agenda will be like and how much running I’ll get in.  But hopefully some, considering I’ll be there with a bunch of former UDXC girls :)

I’d say my goals for this week are:

30 miles, with another 10 mile run
some cross training, like a spinning class or 2
continue weight training and core work

I want to make more of a set schedule week by week, but for now it is nice to just run as I feel.  Although I am kinda stressed out that I feel so out of shape.  It will come back eventually though, and I had a good 10 mile run on Saturday.

And for a little motivation to start the week:

I can’t change what has been done over the last week, but can always keep improving to make a better ending.

What are your goals for the week?

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