ZOOMA Chicago Half Marathon!

Alright everyone, I’m doing something that I rarely do.  I am committing to a half marathon more than 3 days in advance!  I think I did 3 half marathons last year, and each one I registered for within just a few days of.  (I did the same thing with the triathlon last summer too – but it’s OK, it was just a sprint distance.)  I don’t like to be tied down I guess.  And honestly, I’m usually in good enough shape to run 13.1 miles, but this year – I want to run 13.1 miles FAST and I know which race I’m going to do it at!

ZOOMA Chicago Half Marathon!

So here are the details:

Who: Me!  You!  Your girlfriends!

I want you to join me in the race!  I even have a discount code for you – CAMB9.

What: Half Marathon or 10k

Both races are CARA (Chicago Area Runner’s Association) certified.  Choose whichever distance you feel most comfortable running.  And my discount code is good for BOTH the half marathon or 10k  :)

When: Saturday, August 9th

I think the when is one of my favorite parts of this race!  It’s a SATURDAY morning!  What does this mean?  It means running the race won’t have you stressed out all weekend.  After the Saturday morning race, you will have time to relax at the post-race activities (which includes recovery yoga and Barefoot Wine!!), and then enjoy the rest of your Saturday in Chicago.  It’s perfect for anyone out of town who wants to have a girls weekend in Chicago, run a race, and still have time to enjoy this great city!

Running the Chicago Marathon?  Or another fall marathon?  This is a perfect time to test out your pacing, get in a fun long run, and/or see how your training is progressing!

Where: Chicago Lakefront

The race takes place on the scenic Chicago Lakeshore.  Ahh the lakefront in the summer – doesn’t that sound like a dream right now?

Why: So Many Reasons!

The ZOOMA mission is to inspire women to live healthy, happy, & active lives.  To do this, the company (which is run completely by women!), offers boutique racing events that are perfect for a girls weekend!

You will get this awesome shirt and a ton of other swag.

And the medal is cool too!  It is both a medal (to hang proudly in your home) AND has a detachable necklace (to wear around with you all the time).  Personally, I wish a could just wear my actual medal around all the time, but this is a close alternative :)  (If I was an Olympic medalist I WOULD be wearing that medal everywhere I went.)

Another great reason to run – Use the code CAMB9 for 10% off either the half marathon or 10k distance!  For more information and to register, visit the ZOOMA Chicago website here.

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