7 Miles Among Christmas Decorations

Yesterday marked officially Day 1 of my Indianapolis Mini-Marathon (half marathon) 8-week training!  I’m good at starting “official” training plans or challenges, but not following through on them.  But this time, instead of making my own plan, I’m going to follow a different plan to a T.  Or as much as possible…there will definitely be some switching around of long run days and I have 2 shorter distance races scheduled back-to-back in a few weeks that will throw a wrench in the plan.  A good wrench, obviously.

I’m going to try to only plan 3 days at a time based on the schedule and then move around as necessary, and then Sundays will usually be my off day.  Especially this week after celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with the rest of Chicago this Saturday.  Who decided to put Mardi Gras and St. Patty’s Day so close together?  I hope my poor post-college body can handle it.

Anyways, more on the St. Patty’s celebrations when the time comes.  Here is the 3-Day plan for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:

Day 1 – 7 miles

Day 2 – 9 miles w/ 2-3 miles in the middle @ HMGP (half marathon goal pace) w/ 4:00 recovery

Day 3 – 5 miles

And Day 1 is complete! YAY!  The warm temperature in Chicago made this run possible today, because I have sure been sick of the treadmill.  Unfortunately, I think tomorrow and Wednesday will be back to the treadmill because we are expecting more snow.  Anyways, yesterday’s run went well.  I set out on basically the same route I have been running, pretty much just looping around the neighborhood and up and down side streets.

Splits for the 7 miles were:   8:28, 8:00, 8:14, 8:07, 7:55, 8:04, 7:40

Average was 8:04 pace.  It was a little harder than I hoped that pace would feel, but oh well.  It’s only Day 1 :)  My last mile was so fast because (a) I knew I was almost done and (b) I really had to go to the bathroom by this point.  But I wasn’t going to stop short of that 7 mile mark.  Gotta follow the plan.

I’m in the process of revamping my current running playlist, since I’ve been listening to the same one now for over a month.  I decided to listen to an old playlist I have on Spotify from my public accounting days called “Busy Season.”  The playlist has all types of genres and the common theme is songs that have to do with busy season, whether the title or words of the songs.  I had a good chuckle to myself when “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” came on…there was a lot of crying during busy season, like every day.  It was nice to mix up what I listened to on my run.

Something of note – many people still have their Christmas decorations up, 2.5 months later.  Catherine brought this up to me when she was over Friday night to craft and I concurred that I had also seen a fully decorated house on my run on Friday.  Then today, I saw 2 more houses that were fully decorated and in places that I deemed would not have been covered by snow and thus, removable.  Some houses still have lights up, but as long as they don’t turn them on, then you can’t really tell.  It has been very cold and we have had a lot of snow, but this past weekend was warmer – you could’ve done it then, folks!

Are you good at sticking to training plans?

What do you think is the acceptable amount of time after a holiday to keep decorations up?

12 Thoughts on “7 Miles Among Christmas Decorations

  1. Catherine on March 11, 2014 at 8:56 am said:

    During my run yesterday morning (outside=yay for warm weather, dark=damn you DST), I saw even more Christmas decorations. How could I see them in the dark? Because they had their Christmas lights ON! Not ok people, not ok…

  2. Normally I think it’s best to take down your Christmas decorations on or as close to January 1 as possible, but everyone with outdoor decorations gets a free pass this year until it stops snowing for good as far as I’m concerned. Even if their decorations weren’t covered by snow, ain’t no WAY you would’ve seen me outside in a polar vortex packing away my holiday cheer. Haha.

    The weather was so nice yesterday! I only had two miles on my plan but ended up doing three because I couldn’t justify only doing two when it was such perfect running weather. A taste of what’s to come, even if there is a lot of snow on the way tonight!

  3. I’m pretty good at sticking to a plan as long as it’s not one I made myself. If I made it up then I feel I have free reign on making any changes. :) I’ll give people 2 weeks tops to take decorations down. 2.5 months sounds a little lazy… or maybe they just leave their lights up year round? Good job on the 7 miles! What is your goal pace for this half?

  4. When I first met my husband (the month of August) he STILL had Christmas lights on his house. Granted, the house had a very unforgiving roof that was not easily accessible, but still! Let’s just say that after that next Christmas the lights came down, pronto! :)

  5. I’m usually good at sticking to the running part of training plans but not the strength & stretching part, and then I usually end up injured.
    About Christmas lights, I think it’s totally acceptable to keep them up until the first warm day of the new year, but usually that one warm day happens in January.

  6. oooh you should share your spotify playlists! i just started using it and i’m always looking for good songs!

    our neighborhood had a christmas tree put up and decorated in the beginning of december… and it’s still there! every time I walk by it I feel like a grinch but I’m like SERIOUSLY? it’s march.

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