Throwing in Some Goal Half Marathon Pace Miles

Yesterday was a day of a lot of physical activity.  I worked out in both the morning and the evening:

Morning – 7.05 miles – 55:18 – 7:51 average pace

As outlined in my 3-day schedule I shared Monday, yesterday’s run was supposed to be 9 miles with 2-3 miles in the middle at GHMP (Goal Half Marathon Pace) with 4 minutes recovery between each of the GHMP miles.  My run ended up being a total of 7 miles with 2 miles in the middle at 7:11 and 7:00 with 1 mile recovery in between them.

Luckily, I was able to go outside again, but still not able to venture too far beyond the same neighborhood and side streets I have been running on.  It does look like the sidewalks are finally clearing, but oh wait we got more snow last night.

I ran the first 3 miles trying to keep it easy and relaxed (8:17, 8:21, 8:17), but still kind of don’t like when I see that my pace is that much over 8:00/mile.  Unlike Monday, there was a lot of looking at my watch during this run.  I decided to set my GHMP pace at 7:15.  I only looked at the watch probably twice in the first half mile of my first GHMP mile (mile 4 of my run) and my current pace showed under 7:00.  I decided I went out too fast and tried to slow down a little, but didn’t want to slow too much.  The mile ended up at 7:11, but it felt oh so much harder.  I was really pushing.

I took a 1 mile break (8:02) instead of 4 minutes, mainly so I could accurately get a reading for the mile on the Garmin.  I’m not sure how to do splits on it that are shorter than a mile?  I’ll have to figure that out.  At this point, I knew I would only do 2 GHMP pace as opposed to 3.

The second GHMP mile (mile 6 of my run) ended up being 7:00 and felt a little smoother at the beginning, but that last half mile was so rough.  There was no way I was going to do another 3 miles after that, so I ran 1 mile (7:49) around the streets and home to end my run at 7 miles. I’m happy that I did this run and OK with doing 7 miles instead of 9, but still wish it would’ve felt a little better.  I really need to learn pacing a  better too.

Evening – 25 minutes elliptical + BodyPump class

I got to the YMCA a bit early, so I hopped on the elliptical for 25 minutes.  Then I made it up to BodyPump at just the right time because the room was getting crowded!  I had been to this instructor once before a few weeks ago and apparently she is the best instructor so her class is always very full.

It’s so amazing to me that so many older women do BodyPump and are so much stronger than me.  I can’t believe how weak I am!  I guess I just need to keep going to these classes.  I’m going to aim for twice a week – probably Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I will stop going though probably 3 weeks out from the Indy Half Marathon so my legs are not too sore for that.

In the news

I started to write a little bit here about the Target “thigh gap” controversy that made the headlines yesterday, but I decided to make that a separate post, coming at you tomorrow.

The missing Malaysian plane.  I’m interested to see how this turns out.  I really have no commentary because I have no knowledge of aircraft, searching, etc. but I think it’s interesting.

The Dayton Flyers play their first A-10 tournament game tomorrow afternoon.  May the odds be ever in our favor.

Do you tend to look at your watch a lot during workouts?

How is/did your favorite college basketball team doing/do this year?

9 Thoughts on “Throwing in Some Goal Half Marathon Pace Miles

  1. Still sounds like a good run to me! What Garmin do you have? I think on mine (the 620) if you just hit the lap button it pretty much resets that lap and shows you that current mile’s info. I’m getting better at not looking at my watch as much and just running by feel. I can actually run faster than my mind thinks I can so if I see my current pace my head starts trying to tell me to slow down, but my body can handle it!

    • I have the 620 too, just got it for Christmas this year, so I still haven’t used it too much since I’ve been stuck on the treadmill a lot. That’s good to know to just press the lap button – I’ll give it a try! And I should probably read the instructions more closely too lol.

      • ha! Who needs instructions? :) You can change the screens to give you whatever info you want and I have a specific lap screen so you can do intervals. I’d love to figure out a way to set it so it will beep or vibrate after a certain point so I don’t have to keep looking at it. I know that watch has way more functions than I’m utilizing right now!

  2. I have the forerunner 10. I tend to look at it a lot for the first mile if I have a desired pace so that I can pinpoint the pace. On long runs I will glance down way too often once I am fatigued. I convince myself that looking at the watch makes the distance go by faster. Also, don’t have a favorite team though I did attend school and games at Oklahoma University and West Virginia University. Like many people, I just like blindly filling out the bracket and hoping for the best!

    What half marathon are you planning on?

  3. You are speedy! Sounds like a great workout even if it wasn’t what you wanted. And Indy is still kind of far out, right?
    I guess my favorite basketball team is Purdue, but I don’t think we’re doing very well (I clearly don’t follow them closely)

  4. Hey there speedy girl! Found you on Facebook, love your blog! I don’t look at my watch during workouts, it freaks me out:). In fact, I don’t even wear it anymore, I just use mapmyrun and listen it tell me my pace every half mile. I should probably get more disciplined about time and then I can attempt being super quick like you! Way to go with your training!

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