Catching Up Since I’ve Been MIA

I’m sorry I have been MIA recently.  Primarily because I haven’t been running like I should and have been disenchanted.  I guess that’s a good word for it.  So for today I’m gonna catch you all up on my recent runs and a few other quick events then I promise I have some good posts coming up in the works!

So first things first, here’s a recap of last week’s running:

Monday 7 miles

Tuesday7.05 miles

Wednesday – 5 miles

Thursday – OFF

Friday – 4.15 miles

Saturday – OFF

Sunday – OFF

TOTAL – 23.2 Miles

Wednesday’s run was nothing crazy – 5 miles on the Treadmill at the Y.  It actually felt really good and a nice recovery run after Tuesday’s harder run.

I was super unmotivated Thursday in the morning, so I settled on going to BodyPump in the evening and would then run a few miles afterwards.  But I showed up to the gym with only Sperry’s and no running shoes.  So that was a huge fail.  I went back home and decided to call it a rest day.

Friday’s run was supposed to be a long run of at least 10 miles.  That didn’t quite happen though.  The wind was killing me and after talking with my aunt over the weekend, my thoughts were confirmed in how windy it was because she too said she went out for a run Friday but cut it really short due to the wind.

Saturday was a day of fun downtown with a bunch of college friends.  I thought maybe I would run early in the morning before all of the partying, but that didn’t happen.



Sunday was a recovery day (from the partying, not the running), but the most important thing that happened Sunday was the NCAA Selection Show!!  The DAYTON FLYERS are in the Big Dance!  Their first round game is today against Ohio State!  I hope I have good news to report back to you all tomorrow on the outcome of that game :)

As for this week so far, I’ve just been taking it easy and mentally re-grouping.  It appears the weather is finally starting to get a little better so I’m thinking this will just be an easy week (but hopefully still at least 20-25 miles like last week) and then next week I’ll get back at it harder.

Halfway through March, I’m not quite on track with monthly mileage.  I’d like to be at 100 miles for the month, meaning I need about 54 more in the next 1.5 weeks.  If I can squeeze out 20 more miles this week (I’ve done 6 so far), then do close to 30 next week, that’d be great.

Did you fill out an NCAA bracket?

Do you ever feel disenchanted with running or anything else for periods of time?

6 Thoughts on “Catching Up Since I’ve Been MIA

  1. I have totally forgotten to bring my shoes to the gym too! most recently, I brought a R and L from two different pairs (Brooks and Mizuno). I’ve had disenchanted running periods (like the entire past winter), but I’m starting to feel a little more motivation now that the weather is warmer.

  2. Loooove filling out brackets. Normally I just do one for a “pool” with my family (nothing’s at stake but bragging rights, so I don’t know if you can *really* call it a pool), but this year I was like, “I shall enter EVERYTHING I can find!” So I have…seven brackets, I think? Haha. It’s ridiculous. I have no idea what’s on like any of them. The only one I really cared about was my family bracket, and everything else was just for funzies, so I have all sorts of random upsets and totally illogical things happening. On the other hand, it is March, and we all know anything can happen in March, so maybe those illogical brackets will win me things! Haha. We’ll see!

  3. Nice to see you back.. and just in time for March Madness! I always fill out a bracket and get sucked in to the energy and stress of all the games. What a start to the tournament! Love the upsets (even though a couple hurt my bracket). I think we all go through those “disenchanted” moments – that’s life and at least you are honest about it.

  4. Thanks Kristin! Usually I don’t care as much about any of the teams and just want my bracket to do well…but now I’m living with the stress of actually having my team in it which is very crazy and I have been close to heart attacks both games ahhh! I’m hoping this will be a better week for the running and so far so good!

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