A Sweet (Sixteen) Weekend in Ohio

Greetings!  I am back in Chicago now after spending the weekend in Ohio and am going to share some of the highlights with you.

The drive is about 5 hours, but luckily my dad was driving so I just got to sit in the back seat and sleep.  We made a pit stop at the Warm Glow Candle Outlet, or the WGCO as I like to call it. It’s a huge candle and home goods type store right off the highway on the border of Ohio and Indiana. I recently really started to love owl and bird decorations so I picked this out:


Then we walked around campus, went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Dewey’s, and just called it an early night back at the hotel to watch some basketball games.

I planned to run Saturday morning, but it was pretty dreary outside and I wasn’t feeling it, so I did some weight exercises in the hotel fitness center instead.  After breakfast, we drove to Columbus to visit my other brother and had an eventful day of grocery shopping, gambling at the casino, and dinner at a Mexican restaurant.


I got that beautiful new shirt from the bookstore this weekend.  I also got a pair of Dayton Flyers running shorts that I’ll break out when it gets warm again…so like never.  Or I guess I can wear them on the treadmill, that works too.  I’ll be wearing Dayton gear all week because:


Syracuse v Dayton

(photo cred to the Chicago Tribune)

We watched the game at my brother’s apartment and were all on edge the entire game, especially the last few minutes.  But the Flyers held on through the end, not without making us all have a heart attack in the last few seconds though.  Since I love sharing tweets, here are a few favorites:



And here is a good article you should read:

No More-Deserving Cinderella Than The Lovable Dayton Flyers

But enough about Dayton for now, until the next game on Thursday.  Let’s get down to some running business.  Last week wasn’t good in the running department, mainly for motivation reasons.  The week went like this:

Tuesday3 miles + Body Pump

Wednesday3 miles

Thursday5 miles

Saturday – arm weights

Total Mileage – 11 miles

Like usual, here’s to hoping for a better week.  I feel hopeful about it this week though.  Today I plan to go to the forest preserve to run since the snow is finally cleared (although I hear we may be expecting a bit more this week).  Six weeks to go until the Indy Mini Marathon, which means this is the prime time to get in solid workouts and longer runs.

How was your weekend??

2 Thoughts on “A Sweet (Sixteen) Weekend in Ohio

  1. Ohio! I love Dewey’s. congrats on the big dayton win!

  2. Glad you had a good time in Ohio!

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