Friday Five – 3/20

Happy Friday!!  Today is a super duper exciting Friday!  Why??  Because the DAYTON FLYERS won their first (technically second) round game against OSU in the NCAA Tournament!  Unfortunately I have a short (‘n sweet) Friday Five post today.

My bracket after Day 1 of the Big Dance is looking pretty solid!  I had a long run of having a perfect bracket – the first 11 games.  But then Oklahoma failed me and busted my bracket.  The rest of the games last night turned out my way though, so I finished Day 1 with 15 of 16 correct.

Five Tweets:tweet5

I had fun tweeting with fellow bloggers and UD alum, Jenny & Amanda from 2 Girls in 2 Cities.


If you didn’t see this game, I really think you should watch the last minute of the game.  I was watching with my friends Jim and Christina and I think Christina and I were both shaking and not breathing during the last 2 minutes of the game.tweet4


I was indeed in the 19.7% that chose Dayton, obviously, as I’m sure every Dayton alumni was.


Had to get a non-Dayton tweet in there.  Who doesn’t love Thin Mints?  And Katy Perry?  140 days until I see her.

Five(.17) Miles I Ran Yesterday:

7:43, 7:52, 7:48, 7:53, 7:55, and 1:18 for the last .17

What a difference running in shorts and short sleeves and with a happy mindset (because of the Dayton win!) makes.  The sun was shining, I wasn’t wearing a million layers, and I was in a pretty good mood.  When I saw my first mile, I knew I should try to slow down a little or else I wouldn’t run as long as I wanted (I was thinking I’d do 5-6).  I did an extended loop around my neighborhood and then a loop that I knew was 4 miles.

This morning I’m off to the land of Ohio.  The padres have been planning to visit my brothers in Dayton and Columbus this weekend so I’m tagging along and I’m hoping I can figure out a way to visit with some friends in Cincinnati for UD’s next basketball game!

How is your bracket?

What are you up to this weekend?

Favorite Girl Scout cookies?

8 Thoughts on “Friday Five – 3/20

  1. My fav girlscout cookies are samoas! mmmmm. But recently my bf and I discovered the keebler cookies that are knock offs of samoas (coconut dreams!) and I’ve been eating those! They’re cheaper and they are sold in grocery stores… win-win. :)

    • Oh I love the Samoas too so I’ll have to try those Keebler cookies! Do you ever think about how much money the Girl Scouts could make if they sold those things year round?!?

      • baha seriously!!! They would be SO rich! ooooor perhaps the GS organization is really smart and knows that people would eventually get tired of those cute little faces begging us to buy cookies…

  2. Happy to have another Flyer we can tweet with about the game! Thanks for sharing these! – A & J

  3. I don’t know if I picked Dayton because I hate Ohio State or if you got into my subconscious and convinced me to pick Dayton, but either way, I was quite happy with the result of yesterday’s game, both from a hating Ohio State standpoint and a caring-about-my-bracket standpoint. I totally saw someone out on my run yesterday wearing a UD pullover…don’t know if it was you, but it made me think of you nevertheless! Have a fun weekend in Ohio!

  4. I’m in Ohio-land for this whole week/weekend! though I picked OSU for the win. … Girls scout cookies are a tie between tagalongs and samoas!

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