7 Miles in the Cold Sun

Hola!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Monday.  I had a pretty nice Monday that included a solid run!

7.1 miles in 56:01 – average 7:53 pace

I was doing the selfie thing and captured myself before running, mainly to show off my UD gear:


I drove to the Elk Grove Forest Preserve for this run since the snow has FINALLY cleared.  There were still a few small patches of snow I had to run over, but I can hardly call it an interference.  I don’t think I have run here since the Thanksgiving Half Marathon and probably not on my own since August or September.

The loop used to be 7.7 miles, but they changed it a bit in the fall to make a bridge over the road instead of having to cross at a light.  This is definitely safer, but now I have to go uphill to get over that bridge and I don’t have an excuse to stop at a light.  Life is hard.  I guess those things will make me a better runner though haha.  I think the loop now is closer to 7.4-7.5, but my run was only 7.1 because I stopped for 2 short walk breaks.  Sometimes it just has to happen.

I’m still very happy with how the run went and it doesn’t really bother me that I took 2 short breaks.  Splits were:

7:57, 7:48, 7:57, 7:53, 7:49, 7:57, 7:56, and 0:45 for the last .1

And after running, I took another selfie and then made this collage:


I wore the sunglasses while I ran.  I think I need to get athletic sunglasses and not use my fashion sunglasses.  I was matching really well today too, with my fuchsia and red and my aqua headband.  I just like to wear as many colors as possible.  My spandex were black though because those are my warmest ones.

I would like to share my plan for the week with you, but I don’t know how Dayton basketball is going to affect my life towards the end of the week.  I want to go to Memphis for the Sweet Sixteen, but that will depend on a few things.  Otherwise I will probably watch Thursday’s game here in Chicago and head to Memphis or Dayton in the event we win and advance to play in the Elite 8 on Saturday.

I’ll say that my goal for the week is to close out March with as much mileage as possible.  Maybe I’ll try to run 16 miles on Thursday for the Sweet Sixteen.  I’m not quite sure I have that long of a run in me right now though, maybe I’ll just go for 12.  That’d be solid.  I won’t reach my goal of 100 miles for the month and probably won’t even beat out my February mileage, but March was colder than it should be so I’m using that as my reason.

Do you wear sunglasses while running?

6 Thoughts on “7 Miles in the Cold Sun

  1. March has been one funky month, girl! Nice 7-miler!

    I do wear sunglasses! I have sensitive eyes, plus I don’t like looking like I have to sneeze, with the squinchy, squinty face. >:)

  2. I won a pair of sunglasses from a blog giveaway about a year ago, and I ALWAYS wear them, even when it’s cloudy. I love them! Mine are Dirty Dog Ecco, and they’re reflective, so they make me look insanely hardcore haha. Seriously, though, huge game changer in my running. Not having to squint really does make a difference.

  3. Nice run!! I don’t wear sunglasses when I run. Actually, I don’t ever really wear sunglasses, so my eyes must not be that sensitive

    • Thanks! I rarely wear them either, but I didn’t have a hat with me (which I do like to wear sometimes when it’s really sunny or when it’s raining) so I just took the sunglasses I had in my car haha.

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