A Short Treadmill Speed Workout

Yesterday’s workout was a short speed workout on the treadmill.


I have to admit that the workout I wanted to do was actually 10 x .25 miles fast.  The plan said 1 minute recovery and I didn’t know if that meant easy running as a recovery or completely stopping.  I was going for 1 minute of easy running, but after the 2nd and the 4th, I hopped off the treadmill for a short standing recovery to get some water and wipe off my face.

I did my first 2 miles nice and easy, starting at 7.1 and gradually increasing with each song change until I hit 2 miles, while I was at 7.5 (8:00 pace).  The fast segments were supposed to be at 5K pace, which I decided is 6:45, so 1:41 for .25 miles.  I’ve read some articles about treadmill pacing being easier than outside and this article specifically says that is probably only true for paces faster than 7:09/mile.  Since this was fast than that, I decided to use 9.1 (6:36) and 9.2 (6:31) as my hard pace.  So I don’t know about the whole pacing and incline thing, but that pace sure felt hard at a 0% incline.

My entire workout ended with 4 miles in 31:20 (7:50 average pace/mile).   The 1st, 4th, and 5th repeats were at 9.1 and the 2nd and 3rd were at 9.2.  I didn’t do an actual running cool-down like my graphic says… Instead, I did a walking cool-down on the treadmill for a little and then a lot of stretching.

My intention was to go to Body Pump in the evening and do an easy 3 miles before that, but those plans fell through so no evening workout happened yesterday.

I wore my brand new UD running shorts, but I did not get in a selfie like yesterday for you.  Actually I did, but I deleted them from my phone because they looked weird just taking a picture of my shorts.

Do you set your treadmill to an incline or keep it at 0% incline?

2 Thoughts on “A Short Treadmill Speed Workout

  1. That’s an interesting article. I’m one of those who believed that urban legend! I always have the treadmill at 1% or sometimes 1.5%.

  2. You run that treadmill into the ground! I used to keep the incline at 0%, but have since learned that 1% is pretty close to running on flat if you were outside. I now like to mix it up to make it more realistic to outdoor terrain.

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