We’re Yelling Timber!

It’s game day!!  I welcome any of my readers/blog friends that are not UD alumni to join the band wagon and become a Dayton fan for tonight and for as long as we keep dancing!  You can read a whole post about why I love UD here.

Dayton’s athletic fan club, the Red Scare, put on a contest for students to create a sheet sign to display for the game this week.  As a little background – all the students at UD (upperclassman, at least) live in houses in the Ghetto and sheet signs are commonly seen hanging from houses as a way to advertise for events, show some UD spirit, or just say something funny.  Here are some of the submissions to Red Scare’s contest this week:



I think my favorites are the ones with Hil Duff and Timber.  Gotta love a good pop culture reference.  And I love the one that ends with #sports.  To the point.  I love the creativity!  I also had no idea that Stanford’s “mascot” is a tree.  I Googled it earlier this week and read about how they don’t have an actual mascot because it’s technically the Cardinals (named after the color, not the bird) but a member of the band made a tree costume for himself and now that little guy appears at all the games.  I believe it comes from the sequoia in the middle of the “S” logo that you often see for Stanford.  It’s actually a funky looking tree costume and I don’t want to support them in any way so I’m not going to put a picture here, but obviously you should be watching the game tonight (cheering for Dayton!) and I bet the tree will be there.

I am registered for the Shamrock Shuffle 8K this Sunday and to work the expo at the ZOOMA booth.  I have been excited for both of those events, but if the Flyers win tonight, my friends and I will all be making the trip out to Dayton for the weekend to be on campus for the Elite 8 on Saturday.


That was the last time a big group of my friends was on campus together – in the fall for Parents’ Weekend.  And of course, with a sheet sign hanging in the background.

Ok, anyways…back to the running that I started to talk about with the Shamrock Shuffle, but once again got caught up in UD talk.  I can’t help it this week, folks.

Yesterday’s run was 5.35 miles in 42:32 for an average pace of 7:56.  Splits were:

8:17, 7:54, 7:45, 7:51, 8:07, and 2:38 for the last .35

This run definitely didn’t feel easy, but not too hard either.  I did a route that had some lights, so I probably got stopped for a tiny bit once each mile and those brief stops felt amazing and necessary.

And for fun and to show off my UD running gear again, I took another selfie post-run:


I also wanted to show off my hat.  I thought it was cold enough for a hat and gloves on this run, but I ditched the gloves at a stop light about 1.4 miles into the run…I could’ve gone back to get them towards the end of my run, but that would’ve made it a mile longer and I wasn’t feeling that good.  I’m OK with losing a cheap pair of cotton Walgreens gloves.  But the hat – it’s a Brooks running hat that I got at the Fleet Feet See and Be Seen Running Fashion Show I went to with Rachel a few months ago.  It’s beautiful and pink and has a whole for your pony tail in the back.  And it was not cheap like the Walgreens gloves, so I was not going to be ditching it by the side of the road.  I pulled it up to free my ears and probably looked really weird then.  But then I’m sure the people saw the Dayton Flyers shirt and were like, “OK, she’s actually awesome.”

And my mom, CSmith Zumba, went to Zumba class tonight showing off her Dayton pride too!


What do you do with gloves/hat/outer layers if you want to ditch them in the middle of your run?

What is the weirdest mascot you’ve ever seen or heard of?

3 Thoughts on “We’re Yelling Timber!

  1. I had to attach a hat to race belt during a half marathon because my head was getting way too hot. I knew I would need it later to keep the rain out of my eyes! My university is called the Blazers and our mascot is a guy with a big flame ball for a head. The rest of the costume varies for the sport.

  2. While a FuelBelt is hardly the most attractive piece of running gear I own, during the marathon I found it was a LIFESAVER for storing things. I didn’t want to to throw away my arm sleeves, so I tucked them in my belt and they stayed there for the whole race with no trouble (which was like, 22 more miles when I took them off).

  3. Goooooo Dayton Flyers! I loved the sheet signs, and the Hilary Duff was one of my fav too (used to be a HUGE fan!). We played Timber at the end of the game. So fun!

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