March Recap & Breaking Out The Bike

Let’s take a little look at how March went.  I already know before even going to get my graphs that it wasn’t too great.

march mileage

I’m not too pleased with it, especially since I don’t have any real excuse like being injured or anything.  The weather lightened up a little more during March, as was to be expected, but still not anywhere close to decent.  So the majority of this was still on the treadmill.  I think I was getting sick of the treadmill, so my runs on it got shorter and shorter.  And even the runs I did have outdoors were extremely repetitive since I could realistically only run the same couple streets over and over because of unmelted snow so I got bored of it pretty quickly.

Last week I ran Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for a total of 16.5 miles and was pretty happy with each of those, but then the Dayton Flyers took over my life from Thursday – Monday.

Thursday, we watched the Flyers beat Stanford in the Sweet Sixteen!

sweet16(at Glasscott’s in Chicago)

Some of my very best friends from college and I all agreed that if we made it to the Elite 8, we would all head to Dayton for the weekend to be on campus for the game.  So Friday morning meant hitting the road bright and early to get the party going!

Even though we didn’t make it to the Final Four, it was a weekend full of good friends and a lot of activity.  I have to say I’m still not even fully recovered.

And that showed in yesterday’s workout.

I really really wanted to take another day off, but I decided that April has to be a super solid month, so I can’t start the month without a run!  I went to the Y and figured I’d have a short run, but it only ended up being 2 miles all between 8.1 and 8.4 on the treadmill.  At least it’s something.

Some big news in my exercise life is that I just got a bike trainer!  Unfortunately, it’s finally getting nice enough to bring my bike out to ride outside, but I had been talking about possibly wanting a trainer before Christmas last year and then my parents were at a dinner auction this weekend on bid on one and won it for me!  So I’m just getting that set up and will hopefully start using it whenever I really just don’t feel like running or as a way to get some easy cross training in to supplement my running.  My I’ll start giving a recap of biking mileage too :)


My beautiful bike that has been neglected for so long.  Due to Chicago Marathon training last summer, I didn’t cross train much and spent all my working out days running.  And I bought rollerblades last summer, so I used those whenever I wanted to “cross train.”  But usually my rollerblade sessions only last about 2 miles.  Those things are hard!  So resolutions for this summer include utilizing the bike and rollerblades a lot more in addition to the running.

How was March for you? Running-wise, not good for me.  But socially, pretty busy and fun.

What are you most looking forward to in April? I’m looking forward to the St. Louis Marathon relay this weekend, using my new bike trainer and Easter!  More college friends will be in town Easter weekend and I’m sure all my family will have a fun afternoon planned.

How do you like to cross train in the summer vs. in the winter?

3 Thoughts on “March Recap & Breaking Out The Bike

  1. I was very happy with my March training month! I ran 70 miles which is the second most mileage I’ve run in a month. I’m leaving in two weeks for South Africa and I’m SOOO excited!! April is going to be an amazing month for sure! I love your bike! I almost got that one a few years ago but I fit better on a different bike.

  2. your bike is BEAUTIFUL! oh man. I like to crosstrain by walking and biking! i used to like ellipticaling but I don’t belong to a gym at the moment so that one is not happening :)

  3. Beautiful Trek bike – I see many rides in your future. :) My March was a great month, primarily because we didn’t have too many plans and I had a lot of time to train and take care of business. I’m really looking forward to some longer training days in April – hopefully outside – as the weather gets nicer. During the winter I usually run, bike on the trainer, and do some Nordic skiing for cross training. In the summer I am all about biking, running, and hiking!

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