Playing Catch Up

I know I’ve said this each of the last few times I’ve tried to start up the blogging the most recent times that I have, but for real now, I think I’m ready to commit again.

I am not sure where to even begin to catch up, so I’ll start by detailing my run today:

This morning I met Lindsey W. (I have 2 good friends in Cincinnati named Lindsey, so I will have to use their initials to distinguish.) for a run near my work.  There is an excellent (read: flat) path that is exactly 5 miles right across the street from my work building so that’s where I’ve been doing a lot of my runs.  This was one of the first super fall-feeling mornings.  The kind where you have no idea what to wear for the weather.  Long sleeves would be too hot, but short sleeves would be too cold.

I’d say the best part of the run was seeing a deer.  I never saw such extreme wildlife in my urban Chicago environment besides some geese and pigeons.  But as we were running, a deer casually trotted across the path and we discussed whether or not deer attack?  It stood there on the side for quite awhile as we approached until finally scurrying off into the foliage.

I haven’t been wearing a watch to run recently, but I do feel like I’ve been getting back closer to the 8 minute mile pace.  I plan to remain watch-less for a few more weeks still and just run based on feel and work on building up mileage again.

Why do I need to build up mileage again even though I was supposed to be deep in training for the Chicago Marathon right now?

Well, I had been doing mostly 3-4 mile runs  back in May after moving and getting adjusted here.  But I soon came down with a case of tendinitis that left me in an air cast and confined to spinning for a few weeks.  I actually enjoyed the spinning because Kristin and I would go together either before or after work.  I’m sure I can write more in detail about the injury later, but for the most part it came and went and will hopefully not come back, like ever.

When I started running again at the beginning of July, I was being very cautious and keeping the runs short, at 3-4 miles ….WHEN I ran…which was not at all consistent.  So now I am pretty sure I will not be running the Chicago Marathon next month.  I may still start the race and then drop out when I deem fit.

On the plus side, I seem to be injury-free and I am registered for Boston in April so I have that to start looking forward to!  I have already made many friends in Cincinnati, especially friends to run with and do all sorts of work out classes with.  And now I can promise to write alllllll about it.

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  1. Since there are no questions in this post for me to answer, I’ll ask one — are you my mother?

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