Running With Friends, Not A Watch

First of all, it’s October 3rd.


And on this October 3rd, I’d like to tell you about some of the runs I’ve done with running friends.

Most of my runs have been about the same lately – the flat 5 mile loop near work.  I’ve been able to run with a friends a few times though, which is really nice.  I rarely ran with friends in Chicago.  Mac was probably my most consistent training partner, but otherwise I was usually flying (running) solo.

One of my runs was with my friend Sarah, who met me right after work.  Sarah and I both ran for UD, but didn’t know each other super well.  Now that we both live in Cincinnati, we have reconnected through our friend Kate and I can’t wait to keep running with (and otherwise be friends with) her.  She is currently training for a half marathon.  Our normal runs are about the same pace and we think that she’ll be able to help me with speed training and I’ll be able to help push her through longer runs.  Win-win.

I’ve also ran a few more times with Lindsey W. over the past 2 weeks.  Last week, we met at our normal spot, but took the a slightly different path.  The normal loop splits after a mile and you can choose which way to go.  I always go the same way.  But turning the other way leads you on a “connector” path to another park with a trail.  So we took that way and then did a short loop around that park and then back the way we came.  The morning was super foggy and a little creepy.  So when we met to run this week, I wore my reflective Sweaty Band.

This weekend I’ll get to run with both Catherine and Kristin.  I know they’ll both push me to go farther than I would on my own, so I’m thinking I’ll have my longest run yet (since May) this weekend.  As of right now, the longest run I’ve done since the Indy Mini Marathon at the beginning of May has been 6 miles.  I’ve gotten into a groove of doing my 5 mile loop pretty consistently, so hopefully going up a bit won’t be too bad.

I would like to assemble of all these running friends I have here in Cincinnati and make up our own little awesome training group.  Or maybe I’ll join a real training group from Fleet Feet or elsewhere, but that costs money and I like the running partners I already have, so probably no need for that right now.

It has been nice to concentrate more on mileage rather than time/pace.  Running without a watch lately has made me much less stressed out, at least about running.  I’m still stressed about other things of course like work and general life things.  I usually get very concerned with what paces I’m running, etc. and upset if I’m not hitting what I think I “should.”  Instead, right now I’m going to just focus on getting into a routine of running 5-6 days a week and going for either mileage or time and not consider what my pace is.

Soon enough, I’ll start to run with the Garmin again though.  I have it so I need to get some solid use out of it.  And I’m interested to start taking it on my runs around Cincinnati to see the elevation changes of my runs.  Elevation changes did not exist in Chicago.

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