First “Long” Run Since May

I put “long” in quotes because it’s all relative really.  A 7.6 mile run wouldn’t normally be considered a long run if I was in decent running shape for myself/not coming back from an injury.  But considering I haven’t ran over 6 miles since May (and even 6 miles has only been 2 or 3 times), this was definitely a long run for me.  And I’m glad I finally had a reason to make myself go further than my typical 5 mile run I’ve been doing lately.

And that reason was that Catherine was in town!  She and Matt had a family wedding in Cincinnati, which worked out nicely so that we could spend some quality time together.  After picking her up from the airport and pointing out some of the Cincinnati hot spots and landmarks, we had a fairly healthy dinner at one of my favorite little restaurants here – Green Dog Cafe.  Catherine is training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon at the beginning of November and had a 14 mile run on the schedule for this weekend.  I knew I couldn’t go quite that far right now, but that I could at least run some with her.

Despite waking up and not knowing what to wear for this change in weather, we bundled up appropriately and hit the road.

Matt and Kristin also joined us for the first part of this long run, so we had our own little Saturday morning running group.  Kristin and I have gotten more used to running on the hills here, so we let Catherine and Matt lead since they were going much farther than us.  The loop we ran is close to 7 miles and then we did a 1 mile add-on loop.  After that 7.6 mile portion, we stopped at my apartment to get water and I grabbed my bike and an extra long-sleeve shirt for the next loop.  Failure to also grab some gloves – my fingers were frozen while biking!

Part of me considered continuing running with them, but quickly decided that would not be a good idea.  We were doing about 8:30/mile which felt very relaxed and the weather turned out to be excellent for a long run, but I think I would’ve started out that 2nd loop and made it about a mile of uphill and needed to stop.  Catherine is a real trooper for getting back out there for another loop of hills.

We set out on the same loop again, which is a lot of uphill right at the beginning.  After about 3 miles, things flatten out a bit or have random ups and downs, and then the last 1.25 miles is downhill…well, and 1 final steep uphill right at the end.  I was really struggling on the bike.  The uphills were really hard.  Much harder than I expected.  I’ve even been doing more spinning classes lately then I ever used to do, but that hasn’t prepared me I guess.  I’m sure Catherine and Matt were having a harder time running that hilly route again than I was having biking it though.

All in all, it was a great long run for all of us!  After the run, I could just not get warm.  I am really not looking forward to marathon training in the cold winter weather.  But I took a hot shower, but on my yoga pants and comfy hoodie, ran a few errands, and then spent some quality time at Starbucks with a warm drink.

Is there a certain mileage threshold that you would consider to be a “long” run?

One Thought on “First “Long” Run Since May

  1. Catherine on October 8, 2014 at 12:25 pm said:

    So glad your blog is back! And so glad I got to visit with you this weekend and see all your Cincy hot spots! Those hills kicked my butt, but the second loop was actually faster (despite feeling a million times harder) so I was happy with that…and I’m very happy that Indy is supposed to be flat. bye bye bestie ;)

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