A Few Basic Runs

Apparently in the social media world, “basic” has become the new term to use lately.  So I went with it.  It pretty accurately describes my runs lately – nothing spectacular, but not wimpy either.  So basic.

But first, let’s talk numbers for a bit.  Even though I haven’t been blogging, I’ve still been logging my runs through www.running2win.com.  So I have mileage counts for the past few weeks:

September 8 – September 14 : 24.5 miles

September 15 – September 21 : 22.3 miles

September 22 – September 28 : 19 miles

September 29 – October 5 : 22.85 miles

The first 2 of these week was 5 days of running/week and the next 2 weeks were 4 days of running/week.  Prior to the beginning of September, my running was very sparse and consisted of mostly 3 mile runs.  Then I got a stroke of motivation (officially registering for the 2015 Boston Marathon) so I was able to talk myself into doing the full 5 mile loop most times I ran instead of just 3 miles.

At this point, I don’t want to increase mileage too much because I don’t want to get burned out of marathon training before it even starts.  But I would like to keep building up a solid base, perhaps up to 30 miles/week.  To do this, I plan to mainly work to increase the distance of a weekly long run and keep the other runs during the week at around 5 miles.

So that was all just a preface to tell you about my standard 5-6 mile runs I’ve been doing this week.

Monday – 5 mile work loop.  I did this in the middle of the day, luckily before the rains came in…RIGHT before.  I felt really good on the run and was actually going to add on a little to make it 6 miles, but held back because I had been feeling the tendinitis a bit while walking around in the morning.  Really nothing crazy about it.

Tuesday – 5 miles on the treadmill.  I haven’t done a run on the treadmill in a long time.  I think I did once back in June or July when I was injured and decided to give running a quick try and didn’t run very far.  I felt the tendinitis as I got started for the first mile or so, but then it got better.  I did my standard treadmill game of increasing speed by .1 every half mile.  I started at 7.0 (8:34 pace) and ultimately ended at 8.0 (7:30 pace).  For all you mathematicians/people that care enough to check the validity of my workouts, yes, I would’ve actually finished this workout at a speed of 7.9, but I increased the speed one more time at 4.75 miles just to kick it in a little more and end at a speed of 8.0.  This resulted in a 5 mile run in 40:35 – average 8:07 pace.

Wednesday – 6 miles near work with Lindsey W.  We’ve been meeting once a week in the mornings to get a run in.  Lindsey told me she had a really bad day on Tuesday and was about to text me Wednesday morning and cancel our run, but she did not!  And I’m very glad for that because if I would’ve gotten a text from her that she wasn’t going to run, chances would be slim that I’d get out of my bed to run.  Neither of us brought a watch, but we thought we were going a decent pace (probably 8:00 – 8:15) and it felt really good.  Better than I’ve felt most mornings recently I would say.

Now I’m off to Chicago for the marathon!  Sadly, still not running it :(  But I’ll be working the expo, which should be a fun time!

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