Weekly Recap: October 13 – 19

I cracked the 30 mile/week barrier this week!  I haven’t had a 30+ mile week since February…when I got super motivated to train for the Indy Mini Marathon and that motivation lasted only that week.  But that’s a different issue.  Here’s a summary of this week’s runs:

Monday – 5 miles

Tuesday – AM: 2 miles; PM: 5.8 miles

Wednesday – 5 miles @ 8:01 pace

Thursday – 3.7 miles

Friday – OFF

Saturday – 8.9 miles @ 8:01 pace

Sunday – OFF

Total – 30.4 miles

Sidenote: As I write this, I listened to Taylor Swift’s new song, Out of the Woods, on repeat.

Every run this week (with the exception of Tuesday morning’s 2 miles) was on the hills in my neighborhood, as opposed to the flat route near work.  My legs were definitely feeling it by Thursday’s run though, which is why that one was cut short.

Tuesday morning Lindsey and I met at the gym to be treadmill buddies because rain was on the forecast all day.  Neither of us were feeling in the right mindset for treadmill though, so we ended up cutting that short and then doing some weights instead.  Luckily the rain cleared up by the evening and I managed to convince myself to get out and do a real run.

Each of runs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was actually at night.  I got home from work each day and wanted to run, but was too hungry to do so right away.  With it getting dark so much earlier now, I started each of these runs at dusk, but it was quickly pitch black out by mile 2.  This prompted me to go to REI to get some blinky lights to clip on to my clothes because I know I’ll have a lot of early morning or night runs coming up in the next few months.

Thursday morning, Lindsey and I met up to run in the neighborhood instead of near my work.  I ran about a mile to meet up with her and quickly realized that the previous 3 days of hill running was catching up to me so there was no way I was going to make it much further than we did.

And then of course Saturday’s long run was the big accomplishment of the week.  Kristin graciously agreed to attempt a 10 mile run with me.  I say attempt because neither of us have run that far in quite a while and are both still in “getting back to running” mode.  Even though we didn’t end up doing 10, we were both very happy with how the run went.

The first 3.75 miles of our loop was up, up, up.  It was right around the 3-4 mile mark that I declared that I would not be able to make it 10 miles.


But Kristin was very encouraging, saying that I just need to think about what is on the other side of the uphill.  The downhill sections that followed were very nice, but the end was ROUGH.  That last 1.25 miles was a gradual uphill to get back home and it felt like it would never end!  I wore my regular running watch (not the Garmin; I’m not quite ready for that yet) and came up with an average pace of 8:01/mile for this run which I was thrilled with.

I have a Fitbit now and I think the most interesting thing is that it tells you how many flights of stairs you climb.  The Fitbit considers running uphill to be climbing stairs apparently, so I’ve found that this is a fun way to tell the hilliness of my runs.  The flat route I do near work is only 3 flights of stairs because there is 1 short, steep uphill.  This run on Saturday morning was 50 flights of stairs!

Overall, I’m very happy with the past week of runs and am going to try to keep the weekly mileage hovering right around 30 for awhile.  I’ll probably get in some runs on the flat route this week to give my poor legs a little break from the hills.

I did not do any additional workouts last week, but am going to try to get to a barre class or yoga class this week for sure.

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