Weekly Recap: October 20 – 26

I will get to the point where I write regularly again instead of just a weekly recap – I even have another post planned for tomorrow – but for now here is last week’s recap:

Monday – 5 miles

Tuesday – 5 miles

Wednesday – Spinning class

Thursday – OFF

Friday – 5 miles

Saturday – 10.25 miles @ 7:46 pace

Sunday – OFF

Total – 25.25 miles

So total mileage was down from last week (since I only did 4 days of running instead of 5), but good news is that my long run cracked the double digits!!

The biggest thing about Monday‘s run was…my normal 5 mile loop now has mile markers every .1 mile.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  It also has “CALL 911” written every half mile.  The path already had markers every half mile, but now you really know exactly how far into it you are.

On Tuesday, I was about to head out for my run and Kristin was pulling in the driveway as I was leaving, so she scurried in to change and then joined me!  I’m glad she did because I am pretty sure I run faster (and don’t take breaks) when I am with her.  We decided that we complement each other very well on these hilly runs because she pushes the uphills that I struggle with and then I maintain this momentum on the downhills, which forces her to remember to open up her stride instead of taking them easy.

Wednesday was a very special day because a friend from work, Danielle, is getting married in December so we had a “bride ride” for her.  It was a fun alternative to a shower!  We all went to a local spin studio and took a class together – cycling to wedding/love songs.  Then followed up with champagne and a happy hour.

I met Lindsey W. to run Friday morning before work and we decided to do the loop backwards.  It was wild – the first time I ever went the opposite direction around it.  A whole new world.  I’ll have to give that a go sometimes because I think I liked it better.  But that could be because it was new and new is always better.  I was also able to confirm my suspicion from Monday that there were 2 of the new mile markers that said 0.6 instead of a 0.6 and a 0.9.  I thought I saw that on Monday, but wasn’t 100% sure and then it was confirmed Friday morning.  It had already been fixed by Friday morning, but it was clear that they had to re-do it because of the mistake.

Saturday‘s long run was a run to be proud of for a few reasons.  I decided to head to the flat trails to do my long run this week, after last week’s hill long run.  I knew I wasn’t going to have Kristin to push me up those hills and I really wanted to do at least 10 miles, so I figured flat was the best way to go this week.  I added a few new songs to my playlist and headed over there.  Since there are now those stinking markers every .1 mile, I knew exactly how far I was going, but luckily I was able to break it into segments.  First, I did  the first 4 miles of my normal loop (in the reverse direction than I usually go), then hopped onto the “connector” path that connects that loop to another park.  The connector is 1.2 miles and then the loop at the other park is 1.8 miles.

During the loop at this other park, I ran into my friend Matt who was out cycling, so we stopped to chat for a minute.  Also, this park had a water fountain which was so clutch.  Then it was back to the connector, and then another mile to where my car was, but that would’ve only left me at 9.2 miles.  As hard as it was mentally, I forced myself to add on an extra mile to get in at least 10 for the day.  That last mile really hurt, but I was proud of myself for getting it done.

I brought my watch on this run and didn’t want to know my pace all the time, but I timed myself for 1 of the miles probably about 3 miles into the run and clocked myself at 7:50.  Then I did it for 2 miles around miles 6-8 and clocked it at 15:30, so 7:45 pace.  I finished the run in 1:19:40, so based on that and the mile markers I figured I’d be right at 10 or so.  I mapped it out when I got home at 10.25 miles – a 7:46 average pace.  I texted Kristin about my success and she very logically pointed out that this seems about right since we did an 8 minute average pace on last week’s long run on the tough hills.

Do you always run loops in the same direction or switch it up?  Now that I think about the forest preserve loop I used to run, I always did it the same direction.

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  1. dude it IS crazy when you do a loop backwards. it’s like a brand new route, I love it!

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