Boston Marathon Training Days 1 – 3

Boston Marathon training has started!

It is now 19.5 weeks away and I decided to go with a 20-week training schedule.  Technically, I will be using the 16-week training schedule from the B.A.A. website, but I made up 4 “pre-training” weeks of my own.  This 16-week plan will definitely be challenging and I’ll share the details of it as the time to start comes nears.

I decided if I call these next 4 weeks official Boston Marathon training weeks in my mind, then I will be more motivated to keep up with it and make the transition to the 16-week program that much easier.  It should help me set a good base and keep me running during December, which is probably the hardest month of the year to run because of the holidays and since it is just starting to get frigid.  Treadmill season wooooo! (sarcastic wooooo!, obviously).

The first 3 days have been good so far, but still haven’t been exactly following my plan.  Realistically, I rarely stick to my actual plan and right now it’s especially easy to cut the runs (or at least the hard parts of them) short.  So here’s a recap of the past 3 days:

Monday (Day 1) – 7 miles w/ 2 miles @ tempo pace

I did this run on both the treadmill and the track at my new gym.  I started at 7.0 and increased by .1 every .2 miles, so that after a mile I was at 8:00 pace.  I kept it there for a mile and then started my tempo portion.  The 3rd mile was set at 7:14 and the 4th at 7:09.  Truthfully, I planned on doing 3 tempo miles, but stopped it after 2.  In addition to obviously not loving going at that pace, I was using what are officially the world’s worst headphones.  I forgot mine at home and my friend Kate from work had a cheapo pair I could borrow.  Only the right one worked and they were falling out every 10 seconds…seriously.  I got off the treadmill and instead of just doing a mile cool-down, I did 3 miles on the track…figured I need to work on increasing endurance just as much as I need to work on my speed.

Tuesday (Day 2) – 4 miles normal

Nothing crazy here – I ran 3 miles on the treadmill, then 1 on the track.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to BodyPump that evening (I’m going to try to go twice a week, probably Tuesday and Thursday), so I did some arm weights after my run.

Wednesday (Day 3) – 6 miles w/ 5 x 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy in the middle

On the agenda today was a fartlek.  It ended up being a pretty mini fartlek, but it felt really awesome to get up to some fast speeds, even if only for a minute.  And actually it was the slow recovery minute between the fast minutes that felt hard…just gearing up my mind for what was ahead I guess.  The workout was 20 minutes normal; 5 x 1 minute hard w/ 1 minute easy recovery; 2.25 miles normal.  I did the first 20 minutes and the fartlek on the treadmill, then moved myself to the track.

The first 20 minutes were nice and easy – I started on the treadmill at 7.1 and then increased by .1 every time the song changed so when the 20 minutes was up, I was right at my normal 8:00 pace.  Luckily I had my better headphones and could freely rock out.

The treadmill speeds for the 10 minutes of fartletk went like this: 8.5, 7.5, 8.6, 7.6, 8.7, 7.7, 8.8, 7.8, 8.9, 7.9.  So it got to where my easy segments were down to 7:30 pace.  When I do a workout like this in the future, I will keep my easy segments closer to 8:00 pace.

After the fartlek, I went up to the track and had my Garmin on, figuring I’d just use the stopwatch feature because it wouldn’t pick up satellite receptions indoors.  As I was going ’round and ’round and peaking at the watch after 2 laps and then after 3 laps, it seemed I was on pace for about an 8:40 mile…and I did not feel like I was running that easy.  But then, my Garmin beeped and vibrated at 8:01 as I was rounding the last curve of the track!  It did get reception in there!  Maybe because the track is on the 2nd floor?  No idea, but it worked.  So I kept going and sure enough, it beeped again for my next mile when I was at the middle curve of the track (which is basically a square) signaling a 7:54 mile.  I finished that lap and added on one more to make my total run 6 miles.  Having the Garmin work on the track up there is going to be a total game changer…especially considering it is not 5 laps to a mile as the sign side.

Some lessons from the week so far:

– Having good headphones is important.

– The Garmin works indoors (on the track at my gym at least) and the track is not 5 laps = 1 mile.

– Wearing spandex on the treadmill/track is not terrible, but shorts are definitely better.  (I forgot shorts and had spandex with me yesterday…at least they were lightweight spandex, not the intense Under Armor cold gear spandex.)

– Sitting in the sauna after working out is amazing.

– Quinoa is gross but adding lots of salt and other things into it like corn, ground turkey, and cucumber makes it better.

Had to get a non-running thing in the mix there…still somewhat running related though because hopefully suffering through eating quinoa (#dramatic) instead of white-grain pasta all the time will make me healthier and leaner and therefore, a better runner.

Do you eat quinoa?

Have you ever worn long spandex on the treadmill or to work out indoors? Do you prefer that or shorts?

Favorite thing about December?  Christmas, duh!

One Thought on “Boston Marathon Training Days 1 – 3

  1. Catherine on December 10, 2014 at 9:33 am said:

    Yay, glad your back again! Semi-regretting not registering for Boston this year, but I’m glad I can live vicariously through you!

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