Boston Training Here We Go!

I posted last time about my first 3 days of Boston training, but now it’s getting super legit because there are 15 weeks of training left. And one of my New Years goals is to blog about the next 15 weeks in extreme detail so get ready, folks.

Since it has been some time since I last posted, I’m going to use this post to catch you up on weeks 1 – 4 of my training (20-17 weeks out from race day).

Week 1 – 12/1 – 12/7 – 36.4 Miles + 1 BODYPUMP Class

This week included some great runs to start off training on a high note. I already wrote about the first 3 days in this post, which included a short tempo run and a short fartlek. The subsequent days included a couple of short runs and an 11.1 mile long run! I actually did the long run indoors on a Friday night after work. First on the track, then the treadmill for a few miles, then back to the track to finish up. Average pace was 8:01/mile. I was really struggling at the end, but after it was over I felt way better than I did after the time I ran 11.3 with Kristin a few weeks prior…and after the 12 mile run that I’ll tell you about below.

Week 2 – 12/8 – 12/14 – 39.1 Miles

Just a few normal runs to fill up most of the week, but then a TRACK workout on Saturday!! First time I’ve done a track workout in probably a year and a half. I ran a 25 minute warm-up to and around the track, where I met Sarah for some 400m repeat fun. Neither of us really knew what to expect as we haven’t done speed work in ages, but I’d say we killed it. We ended up doing 4 x 400m with standing recovery. My splits were 1:26, 1:27, 1:28, and 1:30. Sarah was always a few steps ahead of me which really helped to push me along. That speed feels very difficult for me right now, but hopefully it will come back to me in time. It’s a hard balance to increase both speed and endurance. Then I had a cool-down back to my apartment all downhill. It’s great knowing I have that track available just a perfect 2 miles away, but it is uphill to get there!

Then, to work on my endurance, I did a 12 mile run the very next day. This run worked out perfect – I mapped out a 7 mile route to get to Lunken, where Lindsey was going to meet me to do the 5 mile loop there. We both showed up in the parking lot at the exact same time, I took a Gu gel, and off we went. I was super worried I wasn’t going to be able to even do the 5 mile loop after my first 7 miles (which was about 3 uphill, followed by 2 downhill and 2 flat), but after we got going and chatting I felt way better, so it was amazing to have her for those last few miles…and the fact that they were flat helped too.  My splits were surprising good for the first 7 miles then slowed to an 8 – 8:15 pace for the last 5. In the future, my goal is to do this same thing, but then run the 7 miles back home to make it a 19 mile run…definitely going to be a rough one, but should be great Boston training. This time Lindsey drove me home from the park :)

Week 3 – 12/15 – 12/21 – 21.9 Miles

This week was just normal runs – 4 of them. My poor body was feeling so fatigued by the end of this week that I took 2 days off in a row,  and one day off earlier in the week. I had a great 5.9 mile run with Lindsey one morning where we both felt crappy so it was nice we had each other to push and ended up pleasantly surprised with the 7:52/mile average pace. Then I had what I believe to be my coldest run of the season yet – hello winter. The kind of run where your face is so cold that you can’t even smile afterward.

Week 4 – 12/22 – 12/28 – 22.5 Miles + 2 BODYPUMP Classes

Christmas week was another week of just normal runs around the flat lands of the Chicago suburbs. I didn’t intend to do any fast workouts or long runs while I was home, but I did have a killer run one of the days – 6.7 miles at an average of 7:32 pace. It didn’t feel super easy, but definitely not hard by any means either.  Doing 2 BODYPUMP classes in a week is definitely going to be something I try to keep up – or at least 2 classes of some sort – yoga, pilates, spinning, etc.

And a recap of last week will be coming at you tomorrow :)

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