Boston Marathon Training: Week 5 Recap

Here’s a recap of last week’s training!  This is my “week 5” but also “week 1” of the 16 week plan I took from the BAA website.  More on that plan later.

Monday – 5 miles avg 7:47 pace

This run actually felt miserable.  It was very cold so I felt like I could barely catch my breath in the frigid air.  And I didn’t wait long enough after eating my lunch, which didn’t help the situation.  Oh well, got through my hilly 5 mile loop.  And used my new bluetooth headphones!

Tuesday – 7.25 miles tempo workout

This workout consisted of 3.25 miles normal + 3 miles GMP (goal marathon pace) +1 mile normal.  I did the first and last pieces on the track and the GMP segment on the treadmill set at 7:24 pace.  I really really really wanted to stop after 2 miles but I had told Erin my workout ahead of time and I did not want to have to text her and say I failed, especially since I’m following a real plan and not just something I made up on my own.  And I kept thinking about this quote:

Don't Stop

Found that guy on Pinterest and I especially like it because it has a pair of Sauconys which I run in now.

Wednesday – OFF!

After Tuesday’s run I made my way down to Nashville to celebrate the New Year!  I chose a nap over a run or workout.

Nashville NYE 2014

Thursday – 4 miles

I was pleasantly surprised with myself for doing this run.  Right after I got back from Nashville, I unpacked a little then hit the gym to do a few easy miles around the track – not letting myself take 2 days off in a row!

Friday – 8.4 miles interval workout

This workout was 2.3 miles normal + 4 miles on the treadmill of .65 fast w/ .35 normal + 2.1 miles cool-down.  I did the warm-up and cool-down on the indoor track and the workout portion on the treadmill so I could set the pace.  I set the fast sections at 6:58, 6:54, 6:48, and 6:44 and did all of the easy sections at 7:47 pace.  I was really happy with how the workout went.  I told myself I’d do 3 – 5 miles of these, so I’m proud of myself for not stopping after 3.

Saturday – 2.85 miles avg 7:32 pace

This was supposed to be a 4-5 mile run.  The first mile was looking good, but then right after that point the heavens opened up and the rain began to pour.  I tried to go a little longer, but it clearly wasn’t letting up so I decided to book it back home.

Sunday – 7.9 miles avg 7:52 pace + yoga class at night

Another run cut a tad short.  Goal was anywhere from 10-14 miles.  I was all alone and mentally not all there from right when I woke up.  Definitely not as bad mentally as some of my runs have been or can be, but not the greatest either.

TOTAL – 35.4 miles + 1 Yoga Class

All in all, a solid week of training.  The total mileage was good, but still a lot of short runs in there that I’d like to beef up a little.  As for the current week’s plan, I’ll post the entire thing tomorrow, but it’s looking like I should hit over 40 miles for the week…provided I can do a decent long run.  It’s been close to a month now that I did a 12-miler and haven’t been over 8.5 since, so I really need a good one this weekend to get going.

2 Thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training: Week 5 Recap

  1. I’m glad the thought of texting me about your failure could motivate you not to fail.


  2. Catherine on January 8, 2015 at 10:35 am said:

    Yay, I’m glad your blog is back to stay for awhile! Schools were closed again today (Chicago is getting soft and I’m NOT ok with it) so that meant that our first indoor track practice this morning was also cancelled. Since there is no way I was still getting up for a 5 AM workout without other people/a track, I opted to do half of the workout on the treadmill before doing my normal Thursday arm weights session with everyone at work. 6x400m at 6:00 pace, 1:00 jog recovery – I haven’t run that fast since the marathon so it was good to probably ease back into this – and it was much harder than my normal pre-arms 5K warm-up run so another win. Miss you mucho Ana Smith!

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