Boston Marathon Training: Week 6 Recap (1/5 – 1/11)

Obviously a little late, but here’s last week’s training:

Monday – 5 miles avg 8:01 pace

Kristin and I were going to commit to running early in the morning…but then it “felt like” 2 degrees so we nixed that.  I still made myself get up and do 5 miles around the indoor though.  Then I was going to go to pilates in the evening, but failed on because the class was full when I got there.  #newyearproblems

Tuesday – 7 miles w/ speed workout

This workout was supposed to be a warm-up and then 3 x (800m-600m-600m) at 5k pace w/ 90 seconds in between reps and 4 minutes in between sets.  I, however, did the first 2 sets and then the 800m repeat of the 3rd, but then went straight to my cool-down so I could get to a BodyPump class.  But alas, #newyearproblems again and I didn’t get in.  I was obviously not too upset at the time about not doing the last 2 600m repeats because I thought the weight class would be good.  But then when that didn’t happen, I was mad I didn’t just do the whole workout. For the rest inbetween sets, I did a combo of running and standing rest because the training plan wasn’t clear with what it should actually be.  So for the 90 second rests, I ran the first 30 seconds, hopped off the ‘mill for 30 seconds to stand and get a drink of water, then started again for the last 30 seconds.  Same thing with the 4 mile rest periods – 1 minute on, 2 minutes standing rest, 1 minute on.  Rest pace was 7:47.  Paces for the hard segments were 6:35 for the first, 6:31 for the second, and 6:27 for the last 800m.

Wednesday – 4 miles avg 8:11 pace

Really feeling the speed workout from Tuesday night, so kept this run nice and relaxed.

Thursday – OFF

After 7 days of running…an amazing day off.

Friday – 6 miles avg 8:00 pace

This treadmill went actually went by amazingly fast.  I started at 7.2 and increased the speed every 2 songs until I ended with 2 songs at 7.8.  I love playing games based on the songs I’m listening to.

Saturday – 4.7 miles w/ a mock 5k race

I joined my local Fleet Feet’s training group, which is actually for the Flying Pig Marathon in May, but I figured since it is just 2 weeks after Boston, the training should match up pretty well and I can just add on a few miles if I need to.  So for their first workout, the group had a mock 5k on the schedule to get an idea of everyone’s abilities and place us into pace groups.  It was “feels like” 2 degrees again upon waking up, but I bundled up hardcore and hit the road.  I wasn’t sure what the group would do as a warm-up (if any) so I ran around 1.7 miles to get to the store.  Once they explained everything, we went out and did a few “in-place” warm-up moves like butt kicks, high knees, etc.  Then we were off on a 3-loop 5k route.

Another guy and I quickly got ahead of everyone and I used him to pace off of.  But after almost 1.5 miles, he started to fade and I still felt strong so I kept on chugging away alone.  What an ego boost to be “winning” haha.  The timing wasn’t super official – they had me at 19:45 (which would’ve been a PR) but apparently she didn’t start that watch right away, so we went with 20:30.  And I thought that still seemed a tad fast for what I thought my current abilities were, so I mapped it when I got home at 2.95 miles – which would still be an average of 6:56 and I think is probably right on.  And I regret not wearing my Garmin to see what it would’ve said – but oh well, can’t be stressing over seconds and tenths or hundredths of a mile.

Sunday – 12 miles avg 8:19 pace

And then I capped off the week with a long run!  Lindsey said her and her friend Sarah wanted to do a 10 mile run in the afternoon so I decided to join with the intention of adding on 2 miles to get in 12.  Luckily, once we got to about 9 miles, they said they’d do 12 too so we just kept right on going all together…ending with a parking lot loop to make sure that Garmin hit exactly 12.00 miles.  And it eventually did after 1:39:55.

We did the long run downtown, where I had actually never run before, even after almost 8 months of living of Cincinnati.  I usually stick to my neighborhood or the trail by work.  But this was fabulous to learn about new places to run.  And I can now say I did a run covering 2 states!  We started in Ohio, eventually made our way into Kentucky, then back to Ohio…and then did it again.  Crossing state lines like it ain’t no thing.

And now even this week is almost over and what a week of training it has been!  I even joined ANOTHER training group that I can’t wait to tell you all about.

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