Boston Marathon Training: Week 8 (1/19 – 1/25)

So this was actually 2 weeks ago and just now getting to write about it.  But this was probably one of my best weeks of training ever!

Monday – 3 miles + 10 minutes biking

Monday, however started off not so great.  I left to run outside and made it 2 miles, stopping 3 times throughout, because my calves were soooo tight.  They felt like bricks.  I decided to head right to the gym to continue a workout by biking.  I biked for 10 minutes, then hopped on the treadmill to try running again.  After a mile, I called it a day and did a bunch of foam rolling and stretching.

Tuesday – 9.5 miles w/ 6 x 800m & 1 x 1600m repeats

My 2nd speed workout with the JFT group!  I was nervous for a track workout, but it turned out great.  The workout was 6 x 800m w/ 1 minute rest and the goal for my pace group was 3:25, which our leader said not to worry about because this is slower than Yasso’s. (Our pace group is for a 3:15 marathon.)  We crushed this goal pace though and finished the repeats in: 3:24, 3:22, 3:21, 3:18, 3:13, and 3:10.  I just stayed with the group and to me, the pace felt very relaxed until the last 2 when I started to feel the speed.  Then, my group decided to add on a mile and keep it right at the original 6:50 mile pace.  We did the first 3 laps at the relaxed pace, then took off the last lap, so I finished in 6:44.  Then a nice downhill cool-down back home :)  Sarah, Megan and I decided to even add on to the cool-down a bit, making it 9.5 miles for the day.

Wednesday – 7.25 miles

And Wednesday’s are with the Fleet Feet group.  I met John at the store a little early to add on 3 miles, then the group run was 4.25 miles.  I was worried about how I would feel after Tuesday’s speed workout, but luckily I wasn’t extremely sore so this felt great to just shake it all out.  I did feel a little bit of my tendinitis pain flaring up at the beginning, as I did last Wednesday after the speed workout so hopefully that doesn’t continue.  Just gotta get better at icing and stretching and all that good stuff.

Thursday – 8.7 miles with 1 x 2 mile and 1 x 1 mile repeats

I made up a little tempo workout, that turned into more of an interval pace workout.  So my original plan was to do 2 x 2 miles at tempo/GMP, which I deemed to be 7:25 for this workout.  I ran the first 2 miles nice and easy (7:55, 7:42), then picked it up for the first 2 mile tempo section.  But I ended up doing them at 7:09 and 6:48.  I am obviously not good at pacing on my own (at least anything other than an 8:00 pace.)  Then I had 1 mile easy at 7:38, then another fast 1 mile at 6:55.  I finished up with a 2.7 mile cool-down at a 7:40 pace until it got dark.  The entire run ended up being an average of 7:28 pace, which is basically my half marathon PR and I totally felt good after this like I could’ve kept going awhile longer.

Friday – 4.35 miles

Kristin made be run way before the crack of dawn.  We just did an easy loop in preparation for tomorrow’s long run!  It was nice to get it over with so early, but I was struggling the rest of the day.

Saturday – 14 miles

I think this was my best long run ever.  Fleet Feet had an 11 mile run on the schedule and then Laura and I said we’d add on a few miles after.  The first mile of the route was downhill, followed by 2 miles of gradual uphill.  During those 2 miles, I was not sure I was going to make it through the whole thing.  There was a quick water stop after 3 miles and after that, I felt a million times better.  Laura, Max, Jason, and I split off from the rest of the group and took turns leading as we each felt good.  I even led the group up the big Erie hill :)  And I hate hills, so that was a huge accomplishment for me.  Max took off after that and we all followed him the few miles back to the store, even finishing up with a 7:11 downhill mile.  When we got back, Laura and I took a quick Gu and headed back out to add on 3 miles.  The entire run averaged 7:41 pace which I was so surprised with because I didn’t think I could do that fast of a pace on a long run on a hilly route.

Sunday – OFF

I did go to the gym and walk for 20 minutes on the treadmill, then stretched and foam rolled.  I had to do something besides be hungover on the couch all day and watch random Netflix documentaries.

Total – 46.8 miles

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