Boston Marathon Training Week 9: 1/26 – 2/1

And the most recent week of training:

Monday – 5.5 miles

Never eat Chipotle before you’ve done your run for the day.  That is the lesson here.  I had Chipotle for lunch around 1:30pm – it was their Sofritas deal!  If you bought Sofritas on 1/26, you can bring back your receipt anytime before 2/28 for a free meal.  Surprisingly, I was a fan of the Sofritas.  I was not a fan of them at 5:30pm when I went to the gym to run and my stomach was not happy.  I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill (the other issue was the guy next to me smelled horribly of BO) and then finished up with 3 miles around the track.  I planned to go longer, but lesson learned on the Chipotle timing I guess.

Tuesday – BodyPump + 5.5 miles

I got in super early to work so I could take a BodyPump class at lunchtime!  It was a good idea, but also killed me for my run in the evening.  Everything was sore.  I love that feeling for my arms and core, but I’d rather skip the extreme amount of lunges and squats.  But that’s how you get stronger, of course.

I met the JFT group downtown for our evening run.  The workout wasn’t exactly clear when we started – so I just went with the group I usually go with, but they were going FAST.  I stuck with them for 3 miles (7:07, 7:11, 7:07, but then I fell back and did a 7:37 and 7:44 and then easy half mile back to the bar where we met to start.  We did a bridges loop downtown so basically back and forth between Ohio and Kentucky over the river, which I did 3 times.  The happy hour afterwards was way more fun than the run.  The group even supplied a keg of Fat Tire :)

Wednesday – 5.1 miles

Just a normal run with my Fleet Feet crowd.  Tax season was calling at work, so I didn’t have time to add on before.  We averaged a 7:50 pace, which is feeling so easy lately.  I’m loving it.

Thursday – 7 miles

Lindsey met me at lunchtime to get out on the Lunken trail to do an uptempo workout similar to the one I did last Thursday.  The brutal winds had other plans for us though, so we had to adjust a bit.  Our splits were 7:23, 8:01, 7:13, 7:42, 7:39, 7:26, 7:42.  The 3rd mile was when we really pushed, but other than that the rest actually felt like the same (fairly hard) effort the entire time due to the wind.  It was a tough one.

Friday – OFF!

I decided to take my off day on Friday because of the “blah” nature of all of other runs this week and I wanted to feel fully rested, both mentally and physically for tomorrow’s long run.  I did set up my bike trainer finally though and look forward to getting in some time on that (or you know, out on the roads in nice weather) soon.


Saturday – 18.5 miles

Another great long run!!  I decided to go with the JFT group for the long run this morning, which had an 11 mile route planned.  Sarah and I met early to tack on 2 miles, then joined up with a few others from the group to tack on 3 more before the official group start.  Since I like to provide my splits and was wearing my Garmin, those 5 miles were: 7:43, 7:47, 7:56, 7:50, 7:34) and was all on relatively flat land.

The 11 mile route was 2 loops, the first of which was actually identical to my usual 5 mile route, and then a 6.3 mile out and back type loop.  Sarah and I were going to go with the 3:25 group to be conservative because we were nervous to go with the 3:15 group on a long run, but then quickly changed our minds and just went for it.


Sunday – 5 miles

Easy recovery run with Sarah!  I was about to go to the gym to get an easy run in on the treadmill when Sarah texted at the perfect time, so I ran my usual 5 mile loop with her.

Glad this week got better as it went on because it definitely started crappy.  Total was 46.6 miles for the week – so still pretty much where I want to be.

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