Boston Marathon 2015: Pre-Race Happenings

Now that you know how the race went (if you read here), let’s back up a little to the 2 days leading up to the big day.

Saturday: I left Cincinnati around 10:30 and did not arrive in Boston until almost 7:00pm.  There was a longer-than-I’d-like layover + a short delay. Despite chatting with a guy sitting next to me who was a Boston Marathon veteran and eavesdropping on the girl sitting behind me who was telling her neighbor about her elite bib number, etc. I had a massive headache by the time we landed.

I met my family and Angela at the train station and we headed straight to dinner.  By this time, I was also extremely naseus and made a few trips to the restroom to puke, getting an evil look from another woman in the there at one point. Sorry for partying, lady.  I wish I had been partying…I think this was just a combination of the travel and getting pre-race anxiety.  The same exact thing happened the night before the Chicago Marathon in 2013.  At least this time it was 2 nights before the race. I failed to get in any food and had to get off the train to puke before we reached our stop back to the hotel.


Photographer Don is always there to capture the best moments.

Sunday: Fortunately, I woke up ready to go bright and early feeling much better.  Angela and I took the T downtown to some of members of my training group for a shake-out run.  Our fearless leader led us around the city stop-and-go style on a nice, leisurely run showing us some of the historic Boston hotspots.  We also had an excellent photoshoot by the iconic finish line.



I’d guess that run was about 3-4 miles, super relaxed pace.

Next stop of the day was the expo to pick up our bibs and shop…especially at the Sweaty Bands booth!!


I was particularly bummed that Nike wasn’t there, but I assume that was due to Adidas being the main sponsor. Nike’s absence was probably better for my wallet, or at least for my mom’s wallet ;)

We didn’t have too much time to browse because we had a Red Sox game to get to. It was obviously cool to be at Fenway, but I wasn’t super into the game and it was quite chilly where our seats were in the shade, so Angela, Olivia, and I opted to spend more time in the sun.

We thought we’d go to the official BAA Pasta Dinner, but the rest of the fam was going to a bar/restaurant to eat and watch the Blackhawks game, so we joined for that. My pre-race meal ended up being a turkey burger and fries…along with a few bites of chocolate lava cake. I didn’t have any digestive issues during the race, so I guess it worked out.


When we got back to the hotel, we made sure to get all of our clothes ready and then fell asleep to The Parent Trap on TV. What a great movie.

(I didn’t end up using the iPod because of the impending forecast of 100% chance of rain. It was hard decision that meant no Teenage Dream to grace my ears in times of weakness.)

Do you get pre-race nerves?

What are your favorite booths to shop at race expos?

3 Thoughts on “Boston Marathon 2015: Pre-Race Happenings

  1. Pre-race nerves are NO JOKE. The night before my first half marathon I could barely eat a bite because I was so nervous, and I was one living, breathing bundle of nerves leading up to Chicago 2013. I guess at least you have the reassurance that you know that’s how your body reacts, instead of having to worry that you’ve actually come down with something? Either way, that doesn’t sound like much fun at all, and I’m glad you felt much better by Sunday!

  2. Ha, I have pre-race nerves before every race, even 5ks! :)

  3. haha yup now I guess it’s a pattern and I’ll just know to expect it next time. Then if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be pleasantly surprised (and have a happy belly).

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