Boston Marathon 2015: Post-Race

I have to say that I think Boston was the coldest I’ve ever been after a race.  I can’t say the coldest I’ve ever been ever, because Polar Vortex #Chiberia2014.  But at least then I wasn’t wearing a tank top and shorts… I wish I could be like Elsa and say the cold never bothered me anyway, but it does.

I took a water bottle and my medal of course but didn’t care for whatever else they were trying to hand out.  I just needed to get me one of those fancy space blankets ASAP.


Angela and I slowly made our way to the street and walked the really really far way to the gear check.  It probably wasn’t THAT far, but it felt like it because every step was a shivering struggle.  Also, I made sure to check my Fitbit.  In case you were wondering, the marathon was about 36k steps I think.  I was at almost 8k when we got to the start line and almost 44k when we finished.  I finished up the day with over 55k, so there was obviously a considerable amount of steps (more than I get in some days), between the finish to gear check to family reunite to the T to the hotel…and then back to the T and out to dinner and then back to the hotel.


The distance is way off because even after we finished the race it said 26.02 miles.  Whenever I do a 5 mile run, my Fitbit only thinks it was 3-3.5 miles.  Something with the calibration and such.  The number of floors climbed is interesting – shows how hilly it was.  Essentially we ran a marathon and climbed the Sears Tower at the same time.

But to backtrack…after we made it to the gear check, despite thinking we never actually would, we got our bags and the first priority was to get out of all wet clothing.  Second priority was to social media and alert the world that I finished the Boston Marathon, but my fingers were too number to handle my phone and wrapping myself in the space blanket was more necessary.  Angela was having better luck with the numbness factor and got her phone on so we could meet up with Olivia and with my family.

When I finally did get my phone on, I had 60 text messages. Way to go, friends! I am thankful to have so many friends and family that wished me well and wanted to follow along by receiving my updates.


Unfortunately, my family got stuck on the T lines somewhere trying to get to the finish, so we resolved to meet them back at the hotel.


(This was a picture from the day before at the Red Sox game…no pictures readily available from race day due to the rain.)  They were at least able to take shelter and use the bathroom in a church near where they were spectating.

Right off the T stop where our hotel was, stood a Dunkin Donuts.  This proved to be our saving grace for bagels and coffee throughout the weekend.  And on the way back from the race, we stopped for coffee and a 25-pack of munchkins.  Probably the best post-marathon decision we could have made.  Shalane Flanagan was craving a post-race donut as well, so I felt like we really did the right thing.

After a shower, combing the nasty knots from our hair, and a soak in the hot tub at the hotel, we made our way back downtown for dinner.  The plan was Union Oyster House and even though there was a 2-hour wait, we figured it was worth it.  Uncle Dave knew of a place down the street that specialized in French fries, so we hit that up for fries and a few beers.


And how could I forget that race day was Angela’s birthday?! During the race, I convinced some other runners and water stop volunteers to yell/sing happy birthday to her :) It was only appropriate to get dessert and she wanted a Boston Creme Pie.


Meanwhile, the alderman wanted no part of dinner.  He had official city business to listen to.  He is very important, has many leather-bound books, and his apartment (or our house) smells of rich mahogany.


On Tuesday morning, I woke up in a considerable amount of pain that only got worse as the day went on.  But we had beers to drink at the Sam Adams Brewery!  We headed there right when it opened, got a quick tour, and then got to taste some beers, including the exclusive 26.2 Brew.

Fun fact: I’ve never seen my mom drink beer (she’s a wine-o) but she was loving the Sam Adams Summer Ale.


Angela had to head to the airport after the brewery, but my parents and I had more sightseeing to do. We walked some of the Freedom Trail, which was just about the last thing I wanted to be doing. Then, after an Italian pasta dinner, we called it an early night and retreated to the hotel.

I was flying out on Wednesday, but we had some time in the morning to go to the JFK Presidential Library. Spoiler alert: “Someone shot that poor President.” – Forrest Gump

What is the coldest you have ever been?

What would be the last thing you would want to do the day after running a marathon?

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  1. Stairs in any capacity are usually the last thing I want to do after a marathon haha. I can usually walk around okay after a marathon (once I *get* moving, that is…those first 10-15 steps are always a doozy), but going up stairs–and even more so, going down stairs–is just THE WORST. But it’s worth it :)

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