My 2015 Boston Marathon Training Summary

Since I failed on the blogging front for the majority of my Boston training, I thought I’d provide a little summary.  These graphs at least give an idea of daily, weekly, monthly mileage, but I will try to highlight the key workouts.

December 2014 Training:


Highlights from the month:

January 2015 Training:


January was where I really hit my stride and was super motivated:

  • So many good workouts and long runs (probably all the best ones from this training cycle) – I actually was blogging somewhat during that time, so you can read a recap of each workout/each week with these links:  12/29 – 1/4, 1/5 – 1/11, 1/12 – 1/18, 1/19 – 1/25, and 1/26 – 2/1
  • Sadly, the 18.5 mile run on 1/31 ended up being my longest run of training.

February 2015 Training:


The weather made a turn for the worse thus so did my training:

  • The best workout: A progression run on 2/3 with JFT.  Splits were: 7:54, 7:50, 7:35, 8:02, 7:37, 7:36, 7:33, 7:26, 7:08, 6:54, 7:32  Half mile of that last mile was still sub-7, then a half mile cool-down.  The route was mostly flat, but there was a half-mile long hill in the middle that they made up run up twice!
  • The 13 mile run was a 7:46 average pace.
  • The rest was just easy runs on the treadmill or indoor track.
  • I ran twice one day (3 miles + 6.5 miles) to try to make up for the slacking the few days before.

March 2015 Training:


Things picked up a little better in March:

  • I ran a PR half marathon! 1:35:56 !
  • I couldn’t seem to get myself to get over the 15-16 mile barrier.  Long average run paces: 7:48, 7:55, and 8:00.
  • No speed workouts…all normal mileage.

And let’s finish up with April 2015 Training:


All your normal tapering…and then the Boston Marathon!

So, as you can tell, December and January were great, then I lost steam as the weather got worse and we kept getting more and more snow.  Obviously, there’s a lot I’d do differently and wish I had the motivation to do so, but can’t really change that….just hope to make the training better next time.

The good thing about all this though was that the training I did do outdoors was on hills!  So that helped a ton for the Boston course.  The key for any future training (yes, I have another marathon planned) will be to keep up with the group training runs!  That should be a lot easier in the warm sunshine…dark, cold runs don’t interest me.

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