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This was probably one of my favorite posts to write.  I monitor my site stats through Google Analytics and one of the features is that you can see what search phrases brought a user to your site.  Some are normal-seeming like “colleen smith running blog” but others are interesting.  For most of the search terms, I am able to easily identify which post prompted my blog to come up in such a search, so I guess they aren’t totally obscure.  It is just weird to see what other people are searching for…and I hope I gave them what they wanted.

busse woods red loop – Busse Woods is the forest preserve in Schaumburg I ran at a lot when I was living at my parent’s house in the Chicago suburbs.  The red loop is 7.7 miles…might actually be slightly less now that they added a pedestrian bridge instead of making you wait at a stop light to cross a busy street.  (A biker’s death prompted this.)


4 mi progression run treadmill – Sounds terrible.  But if you’re looking for a sample treadmill progression run, here’s one I made up.  I enjoy making up workouts based on my music, because you know I’m listening to music on the treadmill.  Which brings me to:

running playlist 2014 – You can see a few playlists I have posted here, herehere, and here.  I’ll get you all my most recent playlist really soon!

adjectives for yesterday – Hmmm, it was humid, muggy, hot, sunny (weather forecast of Cincinnati, OH for 5/8/2015), relatively uneventful (during the day at least…hoping for a fun night as I write this before heading out with some friends!), Friday.  I don’t think that’s an adjective, more of a fact.

pennellwood resort The best place ever.


Chicago marathon taper – Tapering is my favorite part of marathon training because it means short, easy runs.  My friend Catherine wrote a guest post with tapering secrets!

m&m’s marathon – I wish I knew what this person was trying to find by Googling this phrase.  I LOVE M&M’s.  So if there is some type of M&M’s marathon event, I’d like to be involved.

fun and cabrewing – Definitely 2 things that go hand in hand.  I had a blast cabrewing and can’t wait to do it again this summer!


kyle c smith rollerblader – I just tried Googling this name too and didn’t find a rollerblader named Kyle C. Smith.  But I can tell you the reason you were directed to my blog is because I have a brother named Kyle, our last name is smith, and I like to rollerblade.

adjectives to describe a half marathon – I will describe my last half marathon for you: early, exciting (at the end at least), fast, painful (for the last few miles), well-executed, sweaty, crowded (but not overly crowded), flat.

how to make bottle stand with marbles – I don’t know what a bottle stand is, but here is a craft I made with marbles.


body pump before and after blog – I love BodyPump!  But I don’t do it enough on a regular basis to have before and after improvement stat, photos, etc.  It is for sure a solid workout and I hope to start doing it more regularly now.

There were a few more interesting ones, but I’ll save those for another time, as I’m sure more will keep trickling in.

How would you describe yesterday in adjectives?

Bloggers – what is the most obscure phrase that has brought someone to your site?

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  1. I’m sure “bodypump before and after blog” was intended to find a blog documenting what a person looked like before doing BodyPump and after doing BodyPump for a long time, but the way it’s written, it almost sounds like it’s asking for advice: “Should you do BodyPump before you blog, or after?” Hahahaha. I’m sure there’s a very important science behind the timing of your BodyPump in relation to blog writing :P

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