My Running Since Boston

Running has been fairly light in my world since the Boston Marathon.  Although at times it hasn’t felt light.  I realized that all the runs I did do were from my apartment, which means running on hilly routes.  Then when I finally did a run around the flat trail near my office, I felt like I could run for days.  I stopped myself at 5 miles though – no need to do more right now.

I’ve also been battling a weird spontaneous knee injury.  There was just one day that I couldn’t run due to it…the other days were at least manageable to run through.  It is still lingering, but doesn’t hurt much while running, just right after I stop.  I will consult all my PT friends on this.

I took one week completely off…no running, no fitness classes.  Then I was going to try to do a few weeks of light running combined with more fitness classes like spinning, yoga, or BodyPUMP, but I pretty much failed on that.  It was nice to just take some really easy time again though before I have to get into the next training cycle.

The past 4 weeks have looked like this:

4/27 – 5/3 – 15 miles + 1 spinning class

5/4 – 5/10 – 17.9 miles + 1 yoga class

5/11 – 5/17 – 21.8 miles

5/18 – 5/24 – 25.7 miles

I also went on some walks now that the weather is nicer.  When I was home this past weekend, I got to go on walks with my little Bailey.


Now it is 20 weeks until the Chicago Marathon.  I don’t plan to really start ramping up hard until about 16 weeks out, but for the next 4 weeks my goal is to do 30 miles a week with at least 1 run of 10 miles each week.  Gotta stay in the double digits to keep my confidence up.

Speaking of the double digit mileage runs, I had one this Saturday.

I had not run over 6 miles since Boston, but I was going to be home in Chicago this past weekend where it’s flat, so I figured I could aim for an easy long run.  Luckily, Catherine had the same goal so we met up Saturday morning to run and catch up on life.

We started at her house and ran the long way to the Prairie Path and then out and back along there for a bit, until we turned around and took the short way back home.  I loved that the path had water fountains every mile – that would be a lifesaver in the summer!

Catherine brought the Garmin, but she sets it so you can’t see pace or distance until you finish.  I like doing that so we don’t get stressed out.  We ended up with 10.1 miles at an 8:12 pace.  It didn’t feel hard, but also didn’t feel easy.  We talked the whole time, so that contributed to feeling hard to catch my breath at some points.

How much time do you take off/running easy in-between training cycles?

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