Tempo Wednesday

I was about to call this post “Tempo Tuesday” because it feels like Tuesday, but it’s actually Wednesday.  Holiday weeks will do that to ya.  And actually, today is like my Thursday because I’m off on Friday!  So it’s a 3-day work-week for me, which is sweet but also very confusing.

I took yesterday off of running for a few reasons:

(a) I was incredibly sore from BodyPUMP with the madre on Monday,

(b) it was storming/extremely humid in the evening, and

(c) my training group was meeting at a dog park and having a “yappy hour” after the run.  I have issues with dogs (except my Bailey), so I try to avoid dog parks at all costs.

I scheduled a run with Lindsey this morning, which is perfect because it’s supposed to storm this evening again AND I want to go to happy hour after work with a different Lindsey.  Lindsey #1 is going to train for a fall half marathon and has a training plan she is going to stick to like white on rice…something I’m not good at, but I do love white rice.

Lindsey’s plan called for 6 miles, with 4 in the middle at a 7:30 pace.  I thought that sounded like an excellent workout to start getting some speed work instead of just all easy runs.


(This was Lindsey’s Garmin pic, not mine)

We did the first mile easy warm-up at 8:12.  The next 4 miles were 7:31, 7:14, 7:18, and 7:33.  We technically only did 3.5 at tempo pace, then the last half of that 5th mile + .4 more were a cool-down.

Going into this run, I didn’t think 7:30 would be too hard to hit, but it definitely did not feel easy.  We actually stopped for a littler breather/stretch break halfway through the run, which made the 2nd half feel a little better but still not great.   It’s all about the effort sometimes too though.  The humidity is getting rough.  I was glad to be done and get my water bottle!

So I guess we didn’t stick to the plan like white on rice, but I’d say it was still solid!  Especially for this early in the training cycle.

Do you stick to your training plan religiously?

Do you get confused easily during holiday weeks?  You gotta remember to put the trash out on a different day and everything…

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  1. haha I don’t blame you for skipping the “yappy hour”. I’m not much into dogs either
    nice tempo! this humidity is killer right now!

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