IT Band Issues

Ever since the Boston Marathon, I’ve sporadically been struggling with some knee pain.  Only one day was it bad enough for me to stop a run.  Other days it would just hurt after a run or maybe a little during the run, but not badly.

Then, I went for a run with Lindsey yesterday.  We drove to the Little Miami trail with the intention to do about 10 miles.  After getting 5 miles out, we took a quick stretch break, a nice lady gave us some water, and we started to head back.  But I immediately had to stop in pain.  After that little break, I could not start up again due to the pain.

Luckily, we were stopped at another parking lot area along the trail and another nice lady who saw this all go down gave us a ride back to Lindsey’s car.  Even though the run was cut short, we still treated ourselves to Starbucks afterwards and sat outside on the patio for awhile.


In consulting with other running friends and my physical therapist friends, it has been established that I have an IT Band issue.  I’ve never had this problem before, so this is all new to me.  I iced when I got home (with a bag of frozen mango chunks) and did some foam rolling, as I was instructed by the amigos I consulted.

My next step of course was to hit up the Google machine to find out what I should do.  So here’s my brief medical synopsis and commentary:

Symptoms – Pain and possibly swelling on the outside of the knee

My symptoms: Yes to pain, no to swelling

Cause – Downhill running or running on banked surfaces, Wearing old/worn-out shoes, Running the same direction on a track for too long, or Over-training

My cause (I’m guessing): The downhill running during the Boston Marathon and Over-training.  I by no means over-trained for Boston…I actually under-trained, so then I think running the full 26.2 miles probably messed up some stuff up internally.

Treatment – Rest, Foam roll, Stretch

My treatment: No thanks to the resting; today is supposed to be day 1 of Chicago Marathon training!

I should be a doctor.

So in all actuality, I will rest if I need to and delay marathon training (hopefully only a week or 2) if necessary.  I’m going to try a 5-6 mile run tonight to see how it feels, but it’s been a bit sore ever since yesterday morning so I’m not expecting it to go well.  On Saturday, I went cycling with my friend Lindsey from work (a different Lindsey) and enjoyed that quite a bit, so if I need to take a running break perhaps I’ll get into cycling more.

Stay tuned for injury updates!

Have you ever had IT Band problems?  How did you fix it?

4 Thoughts on “IT Band Issues

  1. I had IT band issues from last May through February-ish. I feel your pain! Mine got so bad (aka I was extremely stubborn) that I pushed through it until I couldn’t even walk without pain. I found that hip strengthening exercises were the key to my recovery. Foam rolling and stretching my quads helped too, but I think hip strength was what fixed it. I worked with a great PT (Cincy-based, if you want the recommendation!)

  2. Oh, yuck! Sorry to hear you’re dealing with IT band problems :( PT has often been a lifesaver for me in the injury department – I spent all of last marathon season in PT and still was able to run the race. They’re usually very good about helping you keep up your activity while recovering!

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