Chicago Marathon Training: Week 1 Plan

The Chicago Marathon is 18 weeks away!  I figure that’s a good time to officially start training.  However, given my IT Band issues, I don’t know how this is going to go for the next few weeks.  I wrote most of this post at the end of last week, but now it’s going to need to be adjusted a tad based on how the injury is feeling.

I’m not going to set a plan for the whole training cycle right now because then I never end up following it anyways.  I’m going to make up weekly plans.

Ideally, each week will contain 5 or 6 runs, with 3 of them being (a) a long run of at least 12 miles (b) a moderately long run w/ tempo portion (8-10 miles total), and (c) a speed workout of fast intervals or a fartlek.  Then that gives me 2 or 3 days of easy 4-7 mile runs.  And a day of complete rest.  And as always, I will say that I want to do more strength training.

I’m thinking the next few weeks will be more of a day-to-day adjustment based on how my IT band is feeling, but here’s what I got for my Chicago Marathon Week 1 Training Plan:

Monday – 5 miles

Tuesday – 6 miles

Wednesday – 7 miles w/ 4 miles @ tempo pace

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – 12 miles

Saturday – 3-5 miles

Sunday – OFF

Total – 35-37 miles

My 5-year college reunion is this weekend!!  I’m taking Friday off work, so it should be an ideal time to get in a long run before heading to Dayton and consuming all the beer and pizza.  I am going to try to get in a short run on our old stomping grounds with a few of the XC girls!  Hopefully I won’t be too hungover/tired to make this happen.

I originally wrote 6 miles for Monday, but I already did Monday’s run and stopped at 5.  During the run, I actually had the intention to do my normal 5 mile loop then add on to make it 6, but with the injury and the downhill at the end of the run, I could tell my form was really off the last mile or so.  Today I’ll be running on the flat path, so I’m going to see how that affects it.  There will be a lot more flat land running in my future ;)

How many weeks do you usually take to train for a marathon?

What is your week of running looking like?

2 Thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 1 Plan

  1. Weekly plans sound like a really smart idea, especially with your pesky IT band right now. I’ve never done anything more than an 18-week marathon training cycle, but I’ve heard of plans that last an entire year. I can’t even imagine! I do NOT have the patience to stick with a training plan for that long!

  2. crazy how 18 weeks feels so long and so short at the same time! My ideal week sounds similar to yours (one tempo, one speed, one long run, and some easy runs + rest). I usually skimp on the intervals, so I’m trying to get better at including them

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