Short (But Hard!) Workout Videos for Whenever

During the month of May at work, we had a “Sweat Challenge” that involved a short group workout every day at 11am.  We all meet in the big lounge room and played a short workout video onto the wall with the projector screen.

The videos were generally curated by searching YouTube or through a suggestion by anyone.  A few were a little weird, but some were great!  Here are some of my favorites:

Flower by Moby

My favorite short workout that I’m going to try to do every night or after all my runs is to the song Flower by Moby.  Essentially, the only words of the song are “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down.”

We did this just by listening to the song – you don’t even need a video!  We laid on our back with lets stretched straight.  Every time the song says “bring Sally up” you lift your legs straight up and then when it says “bring Sally down” you bring your legs back down to parallel with the floor, but don’t rest them on the floor!  This is a hard core workout!  There are some periods were you end up staying in the parallel position for a little longer before bringing your legs back up.

When I just searched YouTube to find an example, I found that there are many ways you can vary this routine.  This video shows a group of people doing push-ups to the song and I also found some showing squats to the song.

8 Minute Abs, 8 Minute Buns, & 8 Minute Legs

Even though this series of videos is completely outdated, they are highly effective for a good burn when you are tight on time!

*8 Minute Arms is also great, but requires a set of arm weights, so it’s not quite as easy to do wherever/whenever!

Dark Horse by Katy Perry

You know I love Katy Perry! This workout isn’t super hard, but it will definitely get your heart rate up and would probably be a great warm-up routine before doing any heavier workouts.

 7 Minute Workout

We actually didn’t do this one at work, but I did do it with my family at the lake house 2 years ago!  There are 12 exercises, which you do for 30 seconds each, followed by a 10 second break/transition to the next exercise.

Since I know I need to do core work, I’m going to try to do the Bring Sally Up core workout or the 8 Minute Abs workout after each run!  Then I can thank Moby and this guy from the 80’s for my ripped abs haha!

Have you tried any of these before??

Do you have any short workout video suggestions?

One Thought on “Short (But Hard!) Workout Videos for Whenever

  1. The “Bring Sally Up” idea is really neat…though I would not last long with push ups!

    I used to do 8 minute abs with a big group of friends in college, and we got to the point where we’d use his catch phrases in normal conversation as jokes. we never tried buns or legs or arms!

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