Sweating It Out

Just a few casual runs and other stuff to tell you about today…


I was still feeling a little iffy about how the IT band would hold up, so I decided to run on the flat trail near work.  Despite its awesomeness for being flat, it is also extremely sunny.  And it was 90 degrees out.


My goal was to do 6 miles, but things were not going well.  I didn’t feel any pain, but like Monday, I felt very off.  I could tell I was overcompensating somewhere and every part of me was tense.  I couldn’t let myself just relax.  I didn’t bring a watch since it was just going to be a normal, easy run so I have no idea on my pace.  Sadly, no part of it felt easy.


Also 91 degrees out on Wednesday.  But I failed to get up early to do another tempo run with Lindsey.  So I went back to the trail near work at 5pm.

I wasn’t sure if I’d attempt to do a tempo run or just do a normal run.  Given the heat, I ended up just running relaxed.  And I felt wayyyy more relaxed than Tuesday!  I brought my music this time and I think that helped to try to zone out and just listen to the music.


I also brought the Garmin, just curious to see how I was doing since I haven’t ran with a watch in awhile.  But I also knew that the extreme heat will slow you down (and that’s OK!)  Splits for the 5 miles were: 8:06, 8:09, 8:03: 8:12, and 8:16.

I ran the first 2.5 out without stopping, then on the way back, I stopped every .6 or .7 miles wherever there was a big shady patch I could stand in and sorta cool off for a minute.

The picture above is supposed to show the sunniness of the path and how the shady patches were few and far between.  It is blurry because my iPod was covered in sweat…

Other happenings from the past few days

I got a new bike helmet!  So now I will feel safer when I ride and when I ultimately do buy clip-in shoes…because falling over is bound to happen then.

After my blazing hot run when I could literally not get enough air conditioning in my air to cool me down, I was driving home and saw this idiot out for a run in a sweatshirt.


 Sorry, no other way to describe him.  If your goal is to sweat it out, I’m pretty sure running in 91 degrees with short sleeves would also do the trick.  Adding the sweatshirt is just asking to pass out.  Maybe it was laundry day and he doesn’t feel comfortable with NO shirt.  We’ll never know.

I’ve been eating super healthy this week…with a side of fro yo last night, but oh well, gotta treat yo’ self sometimes.  I also started taking some vitamins that will hopefully help me feel amazing.

How does the heat affect your usual running pace?

Would you ever consider running in a sweatshirt in 90 degree heat?  I hope not, or else people like me will take your picture and talk about you on the Internet.  I wonder if anybody has ever taken a picture of me doing something dumb.  Probably snapchat at least…

2 Thoughts on “Sweating It Out

  1. Erin on June 11, 2015 at 2:30 pm said:

    While I do enjoy the use of “idiot” in this post, I think you can guess which two words I do not enjoy the use of. MAKE IT STOP.

  2. Sonja on June 11, 2015 at 2:54 pm said:

    I think I can identify those 2 words you don’t enjoy!

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