Chicago Marathon Week 1 Training & UDRW

So from now on, I am definitely not making specific running plans.  At least not posting them…  Because I don’t follow them anyways.  Instead, I’ll just continue to post my weekly recaps.

Monday – 4 miles (no watch)

Tuesday – 5 miles (8:10 avg)

Wednesday – 5 miles (8:09 avg)

Thursday – Piloxing DVD

Friday – 4.25 miles (8:24 avg)

Saturday – 4 miles

Sunday – OFF

Total – 22.25 miles + Piloxing

I was supposed to do a long run on Friday, but it was just not my day.  This led me to hate running for the day and regret signing up for another marathon.  I will make sure I do my long runs, but I will do them when I want…which might not be every Saturday.  Last time I trained for Chicago I ended up doing 2 of my 20-mile runs on a weeknight, because that’s when I felt in the zone and got it done.

I do plan to join a training group though, which hopefully will help with getting them over with on Saturdays.

But back to this past weekend… my run on Saturday was with 3 of my former teammates at UD’s reunion weekend!  We were all quite hungover from Friday night, but got together for a quick 4-miler around campus.  Afterwards, I drank 2 full water bottles so fast I thought I was going to have to throw up the water.  But the running really did the trick to sweat out the beer!


No other runs occurred during the weekend, but I did manage to get almost 25,000 steps on my fit bit on Saturday (and over 18,000 on Friday) since I walked all over campus multiple times.  For starters, I brought my apartment key on my run instead of the key to the dorm room we stayed in, so I had to go hunt down my roommates.

Overall the weekend was a blast!  Dayton sure knows how to throw a reunion weekend.  We got to stay in the dorms again and coincidentally, I was assigned to my actual dorm room for sophomore year.

Friday night was a “Class Party” in a big tent with apps and an open bar (we did have to pay for the event though) for everyone from the class of 2010.  This was a lot of fun to see people I have seen in a long time and catch up on life happenings.


Saturday night was a similar event, but with all of the reunion classes combined and a live band.  After eating and getting in a few more drinks, the dance floor was the place to be.  During the day Saturday (after the run) was a food truck rally for lunch, a quick nap, and then some outdoor day-drinking before heading to the tent party.

And of course we had a great time pre-gaming in the dorms and coming back to order late night pizza.

Oh and then to wrap up the weekend, my team won our volleyball game on Sunday night!!  We got killed last weekend, but came out strong this week and won 3 games to zero.

Do you do any workout DVDs?  I’m a big fan of Jillian Michael’s DVDs so I need to get back to doing those occasionally.

Does your college have a reunion weekend?

2 Thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Week 1 Training & UDRW

  1. I live for those runs where everything clicks and you feel like you can just go forever. And I absolutely despise those runs where you start out and end up thinking “nope… not today” not even a mile in. I use 21 Day Fix Extreme to get cross training in. I only do them every so often but they’re quick and simple enough to do in my own apartment.

  2. Cool, I’ve heard a few people talk about the 21 Day Fix, so maybe I’ll check that out.

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