2 Runs & 2 Tacos

I have my past few runs to tell you about…

Monday was 4 miles in the hot hot heat on the path near my office.  Nothin’ too cray.  I actually felt much better than I did on my runs last week.  Bringing music (my June 2015 running playlist) has helped me feel more relaxed.

Tuesday morning, Jason and I planned to do a speed workout – he was going to do 800 meter repeats and I was going to stick to in-and-out 200s because I don’t feel ready for any longer speed work yet… but the track was locked.  Since we were already 2 miles into a 6 mile loop that we’ve done a few times, we just continued on that route.

The humidity felt especially bad on this run. I checked the weather before I left and the humidity was “only” 93% – so a least better than the 100% it has been?

But I got back to my sauna-like apartment and didn’t know what to do first – get my water bottle from the kitchen or go stand in front of the AC unit in my bedroom or get a towel to wipe myself down.

It’s very rare that I have to take a cold shower, but Tuesday was definitely a cold shower morning.  And a stop at Panera on the way to work for an iced coffee morning.

And I have my past few tacos to tell you about…

Last night, I went down to the OTR neighborhood of Cincinnati for dinner with some of my best friends.  We went to Bakerfield, which is one of my favorite restaurants here.  Actually I think it is my #1 favorite.  Most restaurants in OTR don’t take reservations, so we had over an hour and a half to wait for a table.  In the meantime, we went up the street to get a few beers at The Lackman.


These peeps (and a few others who couldn’t make it) are my volleyball team and and my Cincinnati family.  Every Sunday night, we rotate cooking a “family dinner.”  But, in celebration of my upcoming move (which I’ll write about soon!), we decided a downtown midweek dinner was appropriate.

Bakersfield is known for their margaritas, chips & guac, and tacos.  Between the 6 of us, we went through 1 pitcher of margarita, 1 pitcher of sangria, way too many baskets of chips with guac, queso, and salsa, and probably 15 tacos (we each ordered 2 or 3).


I got 1 fish taco and 1 chicken taco.  Both were excellent!  I am not a steak or rib eater, so I can’t vouch for those, but I have been told they are equally as excellent.

Do you ever have to take a cold shower after a run because you just can’t cool off?  I’ve had to bring a water bottle into the shower with me too…it’s like the athletic version of having a shower beer in college…

What is your favorite kind of taco?

Would you rather have a cheap taco (Taco Bell or maybe a step up..) or a fancy taco?

5 Thoughts on “2 Runs & 2 Tacos

  1. The humidity has been a killer. I fell like I’m swimming rather than running. :)

  2. I have a feeling if the humidity continues this summer like it has been lately, I’ll be taking a LOT of cold showers this marathon season. It’s the only way I can cool down most of the time!

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