Friday Favorites 6.19.15

Helloooooo and happy Friday!  I used to do some Five Friday Favorites posts, but then fell off of that when I fell off of blogging all together.  So now I decided I want to start it up again…

Favorite Articles I’ve Read this Week:

I Made $100,000 From a Refinery29 Article

A few of the girls at work have been in the process of moving, which of course involves going through a huge spring cleaning of everything you own.  Danielle told me about a local store where you can bring your old clothes and they will give you $$ for them, but then also mentioned that her sister has used Poshmark.

I downloaded the app, but haven’t tried using it yet.  I’m used to just giving my old clothes to my mom to donate somewhere.  But I’m considering giving this a try – has anyone else used this or something similar and had success??

Unfortunately I had done a big spring cleaning a few weeks ago and gave a bunch of my clothes away without trying to sell.

MH370 Possibly Plunged Vertically into Ocean

Some friends and I were talking about the newest theory for the still-missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that came out this week, so then I got home, Googled, and read a few articles.  The one above highlights the gist of each of the (conspiracy) theories. Where did that dang plane go?!?  Will we ever know?  There seems to be a lot of valid theories, but I’m no scientist nor do I know enough about international relations, so I really have no idea what could be true or not.

***I need to get better about bookmarking each of the good articles I read so I can share them with you…so that’s all I got for this week.***

But now back to the fun stuff….

Favorite Pins:

Totes gonna make this M&M cake:



Some current inspiration:



Going on vacation with the family next week, and even though it’s not a road trip, we will have plenty of time in the car!



In love with this bedspread:



My last marathon really wasn’t that bad (or as bad as it could’ve been), but I’d still like to forget all the pain of the race and the training before really getting these long runs going.



Favorite Things I Did This Week:

Dinner with my Cincinnati family at Bakersfield

Dinner with more Cincinnati friends at Mellow Mushroom

Out to watch the Blackhawks win the Stanley cup!

Got caught running in the rain yesterday.

UD Reunion Weekend!  (technically last weekend, but still within the past week)


What are the favorite things you did this week?

Have you tried a clothes-selling site like Poshmark?

Do you think we will ever find flight MH370??

Tell Me What YOU Think!

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