Chicago Marathon 2015: Week 2 Training

Another low-mileage week, but decided that’s OK and the real training is going to start this current week now that Chicago 16 weeks away!  No more “next week…”  I’ve just been struggling hard to get mileage since Boston and I feel so slow.  I assume that’s due to the hotter temps and higher humidity.  My body needs to get adjusted still.

Monday – 4.1 miles

Tuesday – 5.8 miles

Wednesday – OFF

Thursday – 4.9 miles

Friday – 3.4 miles

Saturday – 3.6 miles

Sunday – spinning class

Total – 21.8 miles + 1 spinning class

Essentially, the week was the same as last week – about 22 miles in 5 days of running + 1 cross training day.  Obviously I need to up the mileage considerably so I am at least running 26.2 miles over the span of a week!  And of course…a long run sometime in the week at least in the double digits.

Kristin and I went to get fro yo on Saturday night and she asked me to join her for a CycleBar class on Sunday morning and I thought that sounded like a great idea.  It’s a fancy studio where you also do arm weights while biking and they have screens where you can see how you rank amongst the others in the class.  Now, I couldn’t see the screens that well because I didn’t have my glasses on, but I ended up 19th out of 26 riders.  Biking isn’t my strong point, but I’d like to get better!  My “CycleStats” say I rode 17.86 miles for the 50 minute class.



After the class, I even went next door to Whole Foods to try out one of their green juices.  It was a very healthy morning.

Going into this week, I do have specific workouts planned for today (treadmill workout after work!) and tomorrow (early morning run with my friend Mackenzie!).  Then I will be in Florida from Wednesday – Sunday!!  The high is 92 each day… so my runs are gonna need to happen first thing in the morning, but I’m sure I’ll be loving the change of scenery.


(photo from our trip there last May)

Wednesday will likely be a day off since that it our travel day and I will not want to run in that 92 degree weather right when I get to the island.  I plan to head straight to the pool.  I even just loaded 2 new books onto my Kindle – The Paris Wife  and This Is Where I Leave You.  I’m also about 2/3 done with The Girl on the Train, but it’s soooo good that I plan to finish it up ASAP.  Not tonight though; tonight all my attention is for The Bachelorette.


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I  started the book on Saturday afternoon at Starbucks while it was raining…

But besides the reading on vacation, I do hope to get in some quality runs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  My mom loves to do a bike ride through a nature preserve which is 13 miles round trip, so I might try to make that my long run while she bikes.  She does it leisurely to stop and take pictures of wildlife anyways so I’m sure I could keep up ;)

Have you read The Paris Wife, This Is Where I Leave You, or The Girl on the Train?  What did you think??  Don’t give me any spoilers though!!

Do you run when you’re on vacation? Normally I wouldn’t make it a priority, but since this one falls right at the start of marathon training and I’ve been having pretty weak weeks lately, I need to be strong this week!

4 Thoughts on “Chicago Marathon 2015: Week 2 Training

  1. I liked Girl on the Train but preferred Gone Girl. But a quick read nonetheless! I definitely run more on vacation mainly because I have the time and because it makes me feel a little bit better about myself when I just lay on the beach for 8 hours a day! Haha. Great job of training and I’m excited for you to start this week strong! Have a great day!!

  2. Glad you’ve got your Monday evening priorities in order haha ;) The bad weather around here kept me from seeing the last 15 minutes of The Bachelorette last night, but since they don’t do rose ceremonies at the end of episodes these days anyway, I suppose it’s not the end of the world.

    The only times I’ve ever run on vacation vacation (as opposed to taking time off work and going home – I don’t really count that as vacation, though) have been more just to be moving and sightsee rather than actually get in a solid workout. I ran around the Mall in DC when I was there last month and it was so fun to explore the area that way!

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