Goal Marathon Pace Intervals

The workout I planned for yesterday was:

1 mile easy warm-up; 4 x 1 mile at 5 seconds faster than GMP w/ .25 mile easy recovery jog between; 1 mile easy cool-down

GMP = Goal Marathon Pace

I was going to do this in the morning before work on the flat path, but then Jason wanted to run with me so we decided to go to the track in the morning.  But then he texted at 6:30am saying he wasn’t going to make it…so I didn’t make it out the door early either.  I decided this might be a good workout for the treadmill so I can set my pace and it’s not anything super long.  And I haven’t been on the treadmill in awhile, so maybe going back to it after being away for so long will be OK.

Everything started out as planned…

1 mile warm-up on the track at I think around 8:30…didn’t feel that slow, but I think I’ve just been slower lately…

Then I hopped on the treadmill and did another .25 miles easy to get going on there before starting the intervals.  I made it through 3 1-mile intervals with the treadmill set at 1% incline at a speed of 8.2 (7:18 pace).  In between each 1-mile interval, I would run for .15 back down at 7.0 (8:34 pace), hop to the side for a quick break to get a drink and wipe my face (while I let the treadmill keep running for .1 mile, then hop back on to run easy another .1 before getting to the next hard mile.  So in all, it was .25 miles of easy jog and a tiny standing rest in between each interval.

The problem came after my 3rd interval.  I ran my easy .15, hopped off a second, and when it was time to hop back on I almost collapsed in pain!!  The same thing happened as when I ran with Lindsey a few weeks ago.  I believe it’s still an IT band issue and it hurt quite a bit to walk on all night last night and this morning.  I can barely bend my knee.

I don’t recall having any pain for the past week or so and even during the first part of the workout it was fine.  And then it must all of the sudden tighten up hardcore when I take a rest break.

So I was supposed to run with Mackenzie this morning, but that didn’t happen.  So much for starting this week strong… I’m taking today and tomorrow off of running or any working out, so maybe I’ll try again Thursday to see how it feels.

In other news, today is my last day at my current job!  More on that tomorrow…

Do you ever do workouts on the treadmill just so you can control your pace?

One Thought on “Goal Marathon Pace Intervals

  1. Well, this isn’t *quite* the same thing, but I’ve found in marathon training, when we do our long runs and stop at aid stations on the Lakefront Trail, if we stood around for too long at the aid station, I’d feel a lot of tightness in my IT bands when we’d start running again. May be best to dial it back a little on the super intense speedwork until you know for sure you’re in perfect, healthy condition!

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