I’m Moving Back to Chicago!!

Well, I guess the title says it all – I’m moving back to Chicago!

I’ve been living in Cincinnati for a year and 2 months, but now I’m making some big changes to head back to Chicago.


Obviously one big change is just moving to a new city in general…or back to a city I used to live in.  But the other big change is that I am completely changing careers.  It’s not a huge drastic change like going from a lawyer to a doctor or anything that requires more schooling.  Just taking a new path out of the accounting world.  (I think I’ll write a separate post on the whole career-change thing sometime.)

I LOVE Cincinnati and all the friends I’ve made here, but taking this new job seemed like the right move at the time for my career.  And luckily I still know a few people in Chicago and have the majority of my family there too.

Cincinnati is definitely a much easier, more relaxed lifestyle.  Perhaps also because my job here was of a more relaxed nature than I was used to.  But I really do enjoy not having to fight for parking spots/pay for parking or take public transportation.  So basically, transportation is easier because I can drive wherever I want.

The other great thing about my time in Cincinnati is that basically (with a few exceptions) everyone I know lives within a 2 mile distance of me.  So getting together anytime, even at the last minute is always super easy.  That will be harder in Chicago since the people I do know live all over the place.

I plan to start off living back at home with my parents, and my brother Kyle who is also spending some time living back at home after just graduating college.  But I know I will be wanting to get a place in the city again ASAP.  But for the remainder of the summer, I’ll just have to spend as much time down there as possible – including going down on weekends to do my long runs on the lakefront path!


Also on the fitness front, since I’ve been gone from Chicago I know Class Pass has made its debut there.  We don’t have Class Pass in Cincy yet (I think it’s coming though!) and I am eager to try.  So I’m thinking I will do that AFTER the Chicago Marathon though.  Gotta go allllll the running until then.  Plus the super awesome workout vids I posted a few weeks ago.  Plus the triathlon I told my aunt I ‘d do with her.  But I don’t train for those

But first, I’m going to go on vacation with my family for the next few days to Captiva Island, FL!  Hopefully I won’t turn into a sunburnt lobster before meeting all my new co-workers…

Have you moved cities recently?

Have you been to Sanibel & Captiva Island in Florida?

6 Thoughts on “I’m Moving Back to Chicago!!

  1. so exciting– congrats on the move back and career change!! (you should totally write a post on that btw ;) ) I know the feeling of moving back to the place you’re from… I was so excited to come back to VA after Rochester! I def do miss Rochester though, for many of the reasons you listed about Cincinnati– more relaxed, less traffic/parking stress :) Have SO MUCH FUN on your vacation!!!

  2. Erin on June 24, 2015 at 9:17 am said:

    I have not moved cities since I moved home from the beautiful Bend after senior year. I have never been to Sanibel/Captiva but we all know that my favorite shirt of all time is from the Mucky Duck.

  3. So exciting! I did a month of ClassPass after the Chicago Marathon last year and really enjoyed the experience. Even though you’ve lived here before, I think it’d be particularly great for you, since I thought it would be an ideal program for someone new and interested in trying out a bunch of studios before committing to any one in particular (or deciding which kind of workout they like best).

  4. Yeah I’m really excited to try it! I think it will be perfect for the winter to stay in shape and get my butt to workout.

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