Chicago Marathon 2015: Week 3 Training & Captiva Vacation

Since I had my IT band injury reoccur on Monday and I was on vacation last week, I decided it might be good to take a few days completely off.  However, since I was on vacation and eating out the entire time and drinking a few beachy cocktails, I didn’t want to do absolutely nothing, so I did test out the leg a little.

Monday – 4.9 miles – mile repeat workout

Tuesday – OFF

Wednesday – 3.1 miles

Thursday – 20 mins elliptical + 1 mile treadmill

Friday – OFF

Saturday – OFF

Sunday – OFF

Total – 9 miles + 20 minutes elliptical

I’m happy to report that I’ve started running again this week and hope that it will continue to be pain-free, at least for awhile.  I have had some slight issues, but not with the IT band.

Hmm what else to say about running last week?  Not much really, so instead let’s talk about what else I did on vacation…


I actually only read one book while I was there.  I spent a lot more time just laying and not reading.  The book I read was This Is Where I Leave You.  It was good, but nothing great really.  It was made in to a movie last year, so I do look forward to seeing the adaptation from the book to the movie.


I don’t think I was ever hungry on this trip.  I was a bit thirsty for water since it was so hot, but I had my share of poolside beachy cocktails.

 Captiva reading and cocktails

Every morning, we had a continental breakfast.  There was a plethora of bagels, muffins, cinnamon rolls, etc. but I limited myself to just 1 of those of day and filled up on fruit.

Lunch was had at the pool every day.  Grilled cheese or grouper tacos were my go-to for lunch.

Actually, grouper was what I had for dinner every night I think.  But I did switch it up once with some salmon.  My one request for all of vacation was ice cream, so we got that one night for dessert.


My brother Patrick was getting to Florida a day later than the rest of us, so we had to go back on the mainland to pick him up from the airport.  So this meant my dad had to pick him up from the airport while the rest of us went to the outlet mall :)

I scored a few new items to add to my work wardrobe and a beachy hat from the LOFT.  Then we were just meandering around and I happened to go into the Adidas store.  They had 2015 Boston Marathon apparel for 60% off!!  So obviously I needed to get a few more items.

 Beachy hat


I had approximately 35 mosquito bites.  The majority of which were on my arms, back, and feet.  Since there were significantly less on my legs, I assume most occurred on this night, when I was wearing a maxi dress:

 family at Mucky Duck

Do you like reading books that have been made into a movie?  What is your favorite?

Are you prone to mosquito bites?  Nobody else in my family got nearly this many.

2 Thoughts on “Chicago Marathon 2015: Week 3 Training & Captiva Vacation

  1. Shereen on July 1, 2015 at 3:39 pm said:

    Sounds like a great vacation! :) I sat through “This is Where I Leave You” last year – despite the stellar cast, the movie was a dud for me. I’ll have to check out the book though!

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