4th of July Fast Finish Long Run

Happy 5th of July!  I’ll have my whole week’s worth of runs recapped for you tomorrow, but thought I’d share a little about the holiday weekend thus far and the long run I did today.

On Friday, my parents and I headed back to Cincinnati to pick up the rest of my furniture.  We basically did that, then headed right back to Chicago. So really no holiday fun there.

Poor little Bailey hates the fireworks, but she loves her bandana.

On the morning of the 4th, I ran to the Des Plaines parade to watch my dad march and hand out candy.  Bailey also love parades, but she couldn’t go this year because she has a torn ACL and can’t be walking around that much.

The run ended up being 6.6 miles at about a 7:55 pace.  I couldn’t find my mom and grandparents so then I probably walked another 2 miles up and down the parade route looking for them.  Getting in all my Fitbit steps for the day.

The afternoon was spent at my cousins’ house.  They have a pool, so we swam, grilled out, and ate our weight in food and dessert.

I like to do the Arlington Heights Stampede Run every year, usually the 5k. It’s a flat, fast race so I use it as a judge of my speed each year.

This year though, I know I’m not in any shape to race yet and I want to focus on getting the mileage up right now.

I decided I’d run to the start of the race and then run the 10k with Aunt Bernadette, who was planning on about an 8:30 pace.


I ran exactly 5 miles from my house to get to the start of the race, in 40:15.  I found Uncle Joe, Aunt Bernadette, and Shannon ready to start and tucked in with them.  Usually they have “opening ceremonies” with the national anthem and announcements and all that jazz, but they were running late and I guess decided to skip it all and just blow the horn to start.

The race is very crowded at the beginning so we weaved a lot.  The 4 of us pretty much ran together the entire time until the 5k/10k split.  Uncle Joe and Shannon were doing the 5k and Aunt Bernadette and I were doing the 10k.  We hit the first 3 miles at 8:15 pace on the dot for each one.  A little after the 3 mile mark, I decided to pick up the pace a bit and turn this into more of a “fast finish” long run.  There was no mile marker at mile 4, then when I got to the 5th mile mark, I had done the previous 2 miles in about 15:35.

There was also no 6 mile marker.  I finished the 10k in 49:20, so right at an 8 minute pace mile average, so I assume the last half was around a 7:45 pace.  It definitely didn’t feel as comfortable as I would like, but I had a good time passing people during those last few miles.

I haven’t ran that far since I did a 10 mile run with Catherine over Memorial Day weekend over a month ago.  So now it feels good to have another double digit run under my belt and I need to keep ’em coming every week!

Is your dog afraid of fireworks?

If you have a choice between a 5k and 10k, which would you choose?

2 Thoughts on “4th of July Fast Finish Long Run

  1. My dog, despite all his neuroses, somehow didn’t mind thunder or fireworks (he just hated everything else in the world hahaha). Congrats on your race! I’m glad you were able to get in your long run without having to compromise your tradition :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah I love this race, so I was glad I could do it again. I’ve always done the 5k though and realized this was my 10k race EVER. But I’m think I’ll do the Big 10K in a few weeks.

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