Chicago Marathon Training Week 4: 6/29 – 7/5

Well, I’d say this was the first somewhat real week of marathon training, despite calling it Week 4.  I say this because this was finally the first time since Boston I ran over 26.2 miles in a week’s time and only the 2nd time since Boston I did a double-digit run.  But I also took 3 days in a row off, so still not quite where I should be.

Monday – 5.6 miles @ 7:55 pace

Tuesday – 5.6 miles (no watch)

Wednesday – OFF

Thursday – OFF

Friday – OFF

Saturday6.6 miles @ 7:55 pace

Sunday11.2 miles @ 7:59 pace

Total – 29 miles

I also didn’t have any “bonus” workouts this week like cross training or weights.

My Fitbit step count has been much higher than normal over this past week though, so that’s gotta count for something.  Obviously there was the increase in running mileage, but also the huge increase in commuting mileage.

In Cincinnati, I would average only about 3k steps if I didn’t do anything but work and come home and not do anything extra.  With my commute in Chicago, I got about 7-8k steps on Wednesday and Thursday with only going to work and coming home and not really doing anything else.

I have to walk from my car to the train station, then from the train station to my office building, then the reverse in the evening.  And these are each at least a few blocks.  Monday I even wore heels to work and got about 7k steps in heels.  Probably will be the last time…just had to make a good first impression on my first day.  I’ll stick to flats now.


I never did write about my runs on Monday and Tuesday of this week…so:

Monday I set out not sure how I’d do since I was on vacation and took a few days off the week prior.  I ended up feeling pretty great, so that was fabulous.  Tuesday, I did the exact same route but didn’t bring a watch.  I just wanted to focus on getting the mileage in and feeling pain-free.  (Which I have been for the most part, but I still feel it there nagging sometimes when I walk around, but hasn’t been bothering me on the runs this week.)  I also wore my new shoes this week!


Something I really enjoyed this weekend was that my runs were essentially point-to-point runs.  I struggle hard mentally to make myself get in mileage, so that is what helped on my runs for Saturday and Sunday.  I knew I could run to the parade and meet my parents there and then get a ride home.  And Sunday worked out perfectly with being able to run to the race and then run the race and then get a ride home, obvs with a stop at Starbucks.

Goals for this week:

1) Run in the mornings.  Each of my runs on Monday and Tuesday were in the evening when I got home from work.  This was OK because it was my first few days and I knew I just had training and would be out at 5 each day.  But now I need to start real client work and who knows what time I’ll be able to leave each day.

2) Get in a “bonus” workout or 2.

3) Foam rolling.   I was foam roller-less the past week because it was left at my apartment in Cincinnati.  But now I have it back and need to use it.

4) Pace variation.  I’m going to continue to do some runs without a watch because that is always invigorating.  But I plan to try to throw in some short speed-work this week, as well as try to slow down some of my regular runs, just to vary the pace a bit and not always run the 7:55 – 8:05 pace.

Do you run/workout in the mornings or evenings or just whatever works that day?

Are you good at pace variation?

Do you have a step-counter?  How many steps do you get in a typical workday?

6 Thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 4: 6/29 – 7/5

  1. Glad to hear your IT band was more cooperative this week! I’ve recently made a point to get up from my desk more often, which has helped on the step count front, but I’d guess I’m usually somewhere around 5-6K per day on a work day during work hours (I work out after work, so I usually get a lot more steps in that way, technically). I used to get more like 7-8K when I lived in my old apartment, because it was a half mile from my apartment to the CTA, and then another half mile from the CTA to my office, giving me a guaranteed two miles every day total. My apartment now is much closer to the CTA, which has definitely impacted my step count!

  2. My hubby is training for the Chicago Marathon too! I use a the FitBit Charge HR and I love it!

  3. I’m all about morning workouts. I’m so easily swayed to just lay on my couch after work – and getting my run done in the morning gives me an awesome sense of accomplishment. I do try to vary my paces. I usually have one to two slow (for me) runs during the week, one tempo run, and then my long run at a moderate / 45 seconds slower than GP run. I do have a step counter.. but its on my phone. I’d really like to get a fit bit. It kills me how sedentary I am during the day at work. I probably take 3,000 steps at work which is sad sad sad. Especially because I get in around 10,000 in an hour every morning. I need to start walking more…

  4. Yeah I can so easily hit my count if I run that day, but if I don’t run, it’s so pathetic. I have been trying more and more to convince myself to run in the morning because I totally agree – you feel better during the day AND then you can do whatever you want at night. I usually get home from work and want to eat immediately!

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