Chicago Marathon Training Week 5: 7/6 – 7/12

My lack of posting this past week is going to have to be attributed to getting into the groove of my new job. And really nothing crazy fun going on with my running. But hopefully that will change soon.

Here’s how the past week looked:

Monday – 5.9 miles

Tuesday – 5.9 miles

Wednesday – OFF

Thursday – 5.9 miles

Friday – OFF

Saturday – 4 miles @ 8:20 pace

Sunday – 6 miles

TOTAL27.7 miles

Obviously, running the same route/distance every day probably isn’t ideal marathon training.  But it’s what is working for me right now.  It’s so much easier to make myself just go out and do that distance than not have a set route or plan and just run whatever I feel, because chances are that would end up being like 3 miles…kinda like what I did on Saturday.

Saturday morning was a weird run because I really didn’t know if I’d do my 5.9 mile route for the week or more if I was feeling good or less if I was feeling bad and just say I need to do less so I can be prepared for a long run Sunday.  Clearly option 3 is what went down.  And it felt terrible.  I wouldn’t be too beat up over an 8:20 pace run if it FELT like an 8:20 pace run.  But it felt like I was giving quite a bit of effort and still just not making myself go.

Let’s see if I hit my goals for the week that I set for myself last week (spoiler alert: I know I didn’t):

1) Run in the mornings.  Hmm I actually think I did do this one!  My run on Sunday was in the evening though…even though it was a weekend.  I wasn’t feeling it that morning.  But more importantly, I had done my hair all nice for Saturday night and didn’t want to have to re-wash, re-blow dry, and re-straighten again before the bridal shower on Sunday.  That shiz takes a lot of time and effort!

2) Get in a “bonus” workout or 2. Nope.

3) Foam rolling.   Ehhh not really either.  Need to get on this one fo’ sho’.

4) Pace variation. Well I didn’t bring a watch most days, so I don’t know exactly. But no, I didn’t do any “fast” workouts. So I highly doubt much if any was done under about a 7:50 pace.

I’m gonna say my goals for the next week are the same. I’ll increase my normal daily route. A long run will only happen if I do it one evening after work because I have a bachelorette party this weekend in St. Louis.

How was your past week?

What are your goals for this week?

6 Thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 5: 7/6 – 7/12

  1. Sonja on July 14, 2015 at 12:07 am said:

    So why 5.9 and not an even 6?

  2. Ha, I was going to say, you must be a big fan of 5.9 miles! But running the same route makes sense. I used to allllllways run the same route because it was just so much easier. When I moved to a new place, I felt like I had more freedom to change things up, so now I rarely run the same route twice in a week. If nothing else, it definitely keeps things interesting!

  3. My week in running wasn’t all that exciting either. My goal is to get in more cross-training so that I don’t get burnt out with running. Hope the new job is going well!

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