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Hola friends!  I haven’t posted on here in awhile because (a) I’ve been getting more acquainted with my new job, (b) the commute is long and I usually want to do absolutely nothing when I get home, and (c) I have barely been running, which means I really have nothing to talk about.  Unless you’d like commentary on the people I encounter on the train, which actually might be really entertaining.

But back to running: Aren’t I supposed to run a marathon in a little over a month?  I sure am.  But as of now, I don’t intend to run the Chicago Marathon any more.  I’m very saddened by this, and by the loss of $175, and by the fact that this is the 2nd year in a row.  Last year was because of a much more prominent injury though.  But I’ll still go to the Expo to get my “free” t-shirt.  Chicago always gives the best ones…tech-wise, not design-wise.  They actually put zero effort into the design of last year’s shirt, but I do love the Nike Dri Fit shirts.


(This is not the one with absolutely no design effort – this one had probably one of their better designs I’d say.)

I was really hoping to come off of the Boston Marathon, take a few weeks of rest, then start training again for Chicago to break 3:20.  But with a somewhat nagging injury, starting a new job and moving, and general lack of hustle, it hasn’t happened.

I have no idea what (longer distance) races I’ll do next.  I keep telling myself and everyone around me that I need to not do another marathon for awhile…until I lose 10 pounds and get back to college racing weight or until I run a 1:30 half, etc.  Those things might not ever happen but I’d like to think so if I try really hard.

So ideally, I will focus on some shorter distance races and getting my speed back throughout the winter and then pick a spring half marathon to really race and keep chipping away at my PR.  And by “keep” chipping away, I mean I did it once since 2007.

But also, let’s just get real and remember Boston registration opens in 2 weeks and LA registration opened today…so I might decide to register for 1 on a whim.  (The Olympic Marathon Trials are being held the day before the LA Marathon and I would LOVE to go watch.)

Just yesterday I decided to really commit to eating healthier (I’ve had a much worse diet since working in a real office again downtown and living at home with my parents).  As far as the working-out goes, I’m just trying to get back into a routine of making myself workout every weekday, no matter what it is.  And lately that has only been either a 4 mile run or an Orange Theory class.  Actually, on Monday night I decided to get wild and run 4 miles to Orange Theory and then do the class…but I majorly regretted that decision as I tried to get through my 4 mile run yesterday morning.

I really don’t know what I’ll do for the Chicago Marathon this year; I can run it and plan to drop out when I’ve had enough (likely around the halfway point, which is conveniently located downtown), or just say YOLO and actually decide to run the whole thing while trying to have fun but know I’m going to be in an extreme amount of misery, or I can watch the race and cheer on friends.  All seem like decent options, so it will probably be more of a game-time decision.

So I guess all that’s really settled is that I in no way will be running it for any sort of time goal if I do run it.  No matter what, I know it will be a fun weekend as always and will get to see a lot of my best running friends and former co-workers :)

Sweaty Bands at Boston Marathon expo 2015

Also, I’d say the thing I’m most excited about is that now I can go to the expo and wear my Boston jacket, because I think that’s just what you’re supposed to do: wear your Boston jacket to any future race related event or expo so everyone else can wish they had one.  I always did.

What is your favorite brand/type of “free” race shirt?

Do you get Boston jacket-envy when you see people with them at race expos?

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  1. Sorry to hear that you aren’t running Chicago. But glad you are listening to what you need to do. I am doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme starting next week to kick my sugar tooth and eat really healthy. You should think about it

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