Soul Cycle: That Don’t Impress Me Much

This past Thursday evening I did my first Soul Cycle class ever! I was SO EXCITED going into this and thought I’d fall in love with it and want to shell out hundreds of dollars to keep going.

However, (and luckily for my bank account) I was not that impressed.

There were of course some things I did enjoy, such as the nice staff members who helped me set up my bike, the cool lockers that you don’t have to bring your own lock for, the fact that I didn’t have to pay for this class*. But the actual workout: mehhh. Not bad by any means, but just not what I built the hype up to be I guess.

*I didn’t have to pay for the class because it was a work event. A rep for one of my client teams took a few of us from the agency I work at to the class as an outing. This was such a great idea as opposed to the typical lunch, dinner, or drinks that you’d expect them to suggest :)


So what didn’t impress me?

The music.

Most of the music played, with the exception of “Crazy in Love” by the Queen Bee (I don’t even like her that much, but cool nickname), I didn’t know.  A lot was techno or instrumental type music.  Not like classical instrumental, but like no words at all instrumental.  I’m more a fan of workout classes that use music I know, even if it is remixed.  Unless it’s Katy Perry.  There is absolutely no need to remix Katy Perry because everything about it is perfect as is.

The physical space.

I get it’s all about atmosphere, but these bikes were just a little too close for comfort.  The whole time we were doing the arm weights, I was afraid I was going to hit the girls next to me.  But more noticeable was the proximity of the bikes in front of and behind me.  I had a butt in my face the entire time.  Can’t we implement the cheerleading standard of windows so butts are not in faces?  Since I was in the middle row, not only did I have a butt in my face with nothing else to look at if I were to look forward, but that made me self conscious about my own butt being in someone else’s face.  Luckily, nobody was on the bike behind me during the class, but if there was I would def not be comfortable.

The workout.

It was hard, but I guess I just expected more.  I knew to expect the whole doing push-ups while riding and other choreography, but I don’t particularly like that.  Mainly because I don’t have the coordination to be able to do it and not look like a fool.  There was a lot of just straight riding, without sprints or hills and the command was almost always “2 full turns to the right” …I don’t know about anyone else, but after 2 full turns of the knob, I’m pretty much not moving anymore.  So there just wasn’t the variation of tempo or strength that I’d expect.

The cost.

Like I said, I didn’t pay for this particular class, but it’s outrageously priced for a 45 minute class.  I would need to make a considerably higher salary to do this on the reg.  And you have to pay $3 for shoes each time, or have your own cycling shoes.  So obviously having your own shoes (which I really should consider anyways…) is the way to go if you are going to go regularly.

What did impress me?

The instructor.

Although the music was blah and the workout was quite up the what I was expecting, overall I would say the instructor was good.  He was very motivational and kept encouraging us to push ourselves.  His energy was high and he seemed invested in the class.

The amenities.

The aesthetics of the studio were great and I LOVE these fancy new lockers that you don’t have to have your own lock for.  Whoever invented those is a genius.  However, even though the studio was clean and looked great, even the locker room, like the actual cycling room, was super cramped before and after class.

So overall, I’d give Soul Cycle a 6 out of 10 as a workout.  But for the price… not worth it to me.  Probably a fun outing to do every once in awhile with some friends, but I definitely cannot afford to do it regularly, especially since I wasn’t overly impressed.  Maybe my expectations were just too high going in though.

Have you ever done Soul Cycle?

What are the most important factors to you in a spin class?

2 Thoughts on “Soul Cycle: That Don’t Impress Me Much

  1. I’ve taken spin classes at a couple of locations, and I was always disappointed by how much I didn’t enjoy them. They were all right, I suppose, but nothing I’d go out of my way to do again. I wondered if SoulCycle would be different (I haven’t tried it – way too scared off by the price!), but based on your assessment, I’m guessing not. Everyone has their thing, I suppose, but I don’t think spinning is mine! At least not right now.

  2. shereen on October 28, 2015 at 9:16 am said:

    Great review, Colleen!

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