Workouts 11/9 – 11/15

So this post is a little delayed now that these are the workouts from a week ago, but it was a good week so I wanted to be sure to share.  (This past week failed in comparison…as in after 6 days I’m at a total of 9 running miles + 25 minutes on the bike trainer.  But I do have a 5k on the schedule for this morning, so more on that to come.

(Also, sorry for the lack of relevant photos…I’ll get better at this.)

Monday: 10.25 miles

Now that I’m getting more settled into Chicago (even though technically still not living in the city), I decided it’s time to start looking for a running group to join.  I’ll write more on the running group topic later, but basically I had known about a running store in Lakeview and walked past it recently on a Monday night right before 6:30pm and saw some runners gathering.  Sure enough, when I checked their website, it said they have “Fun Runs” every Monday evening at 6:30pm.  So I don’t know about you, but I usually assume that a fun run advertised on a store’s website is probably a pretty casual thing, open to runners of all abilities.

While I’m sure it is open to all runners and they were very accepting of me joining them, the group that is there every week is FAST.  I was anticipating a short, easy run so I ran the 4.5 miles from my office to the store, then figured I’d run a few miles with them and either run back to the office to catch if the train if I was feeling good or more likely, take the el back downtown.

Upon arriving and introducing myself, it was clear that this was definitely a more advanced group of runners – all were planning to do at least 9 miles.  I explained that I had already run 4.5 miles to get there, but luckily the route they were taking headed back south toward the Loop, so I’d just head out with them and instead of turning back north to the store, would continue south back to my office.

This ended up working well and I’m definitely excited to continue to do runs with this group after I move to the city.  They are all probably above my ability level, but one of the girls was explaining to me that she uses the run with this group as her tempo run of the week.  Which is pretty much what it ended up being for me – 4.5 miles normal + about 3.5 tempo w/ the group + 2 easy back to the office.

Tuesday: 4.6 miles (8:13 avg pace)

Super easy recovery run after the past few hard days, including the Hot Chocolate 5k and Monday’s much longer/faster run than originally anticipated.

Wednesday: OFF

Needed after running 4 days in a row…super unlike me lately.  I credit this to the motivation from running well in the 5k on Sunday.

Thursday: 6 miles interval/fartlek workout – 46:00 minutes total (7:40 avg page)

Knowing that I have another 5k race coming up and I’ll be starting half marathon training soon enough, I figured I should start throwing in more speed workouts.  I also like to look back at my running log to see what I was doing at this time last year and saw I had done this very fartlek with Kristin sometime in November, so I decided to do it again – but this time on the treadmill so I could control my paces.

Workout was 17 minute warm-up + 2 x (3 min, 2 min, 1 min hard w/ equal recovery) + cool-down until I got to 6 miles.

I did the warm-up, cool-down, and recovery minutes anywhere from 7.0 – 7.6 (8:34 – 7:54 per mile).  I did the first set of hard segments at 9.0 (6:40 pace) and the 2nd set at 9.2 (6:31 pace.)  In total it was only 12 minutes of hard running, but it was way harder than I was originally anticipating it would be.  I really struggled during every hard segment I’d say, but super glad I just buckled down and did it.  Snaps for a great playlist.

Friday: 4 miles

After work, I knew I wanted to run, but didn’t feel like doing so in the city, which is what I have been doing – running outside from my office or at the gym in my office and then taking a later train back to the suburbs.  So I got on a train at a normal time, got home, and put my running clothes on immediately before I could talk myself out of it…even though it was freezing.

My parents weren’t home, so I used the handy iPhone tracker to see that they were out to dinner at a restaurant I knew was exactly 4 miles away (because it’s in the same shopping complex as Orange Theory, which I’ve run to a few times.)  I called them up and they said they’d still be there in a half hour so I could run there and then get a ride home with them, so that’s exactly what I did.  I like doing things like that because then it forces me to run a certain distance.  And truthfully, it ended up being way darker and way colder than I expected, so if I wasn’t doing that plan, I probably would’ve just cut the run really short.

Saturday: 7 miles

In St. Louis!  I woke up super early (for a Saturday at least) and drove to St. Louis to spend the weekend with Angela!  Right after I arrived, Angela, Bridget, and I went for a run – in shorts and a t-shirt.  And I think I got tan too because 2 separate people at work this past week told me I looked tan and this run was the only outdoor time I can think of.

The run was much hillier than I’ve been used to lately, but extremely enjoyable :)  We stopped right in the middle to walk around a little town square with Christmas decorations ready to go.


Sunday: OFF

Well, after that run on Saturday we started drinking pretty much immediately and for the remainder of the day/night.  So needless to say, a run didn’t happen on Sunday.

How was your week of workouts?  Last week or this past week … haha

Do you ever run to places and then get a ride home? I do this a lot.

Any good treadmill fartlek/interval workouts you particularly like? The one above is probably my favorite.

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