Race Recap: Prospect Arlington Fall Haul 5k (22:02)

First, the general stats:

Time: 22:02

Splits: 7:00, 7:10, 7:07

Place: 1st Female!

I registered for the race a few days after running the Hot Chocolate 5k, figuring I’d keep trying to do a few races before the weather turns bad.  Well, the weather turned bad on Friday.

I was considering not racing, but considering I didn’t step outside the house at all on Saturday (except to do some shoveling and let my little Bailey out), I decided I should do the race even if I knew it wouldn’t be a true “race.”  At least it would get me out to do a run, whereas otherwise I probably wouldn’t.  And my cousin Joe registered too and wasn’t backing out, so I couldn’t let him down.

Joe and I arrived around 8:15, for a 9:00 start time.  We picked up our bib and tshirt, then went back to sit in the car for awhile.  In those few minutes outside, my fingertips got reallyyyy cold.  So that worried me for a bit, but I had handwarmers that I put inside my gloves.


We got out of the car at 8:45 and started to jog around the side streets for a warm-up.  There were definitely a few questionable icey patches, but in general the roads were at least somewhat decent – just wet and patches of snow/not very well plowed areas.  We decided to aim for a 7 minute pace and 22 minutes overall.  Given the cold and slippery conditions, we thought that would still be possible.  Then we found a spot at the starting line and soon were off!

It was clear that this was going to be much smaller race than originally anticipated, I’m guessing due to the cold/snow (temp was about 15 degrees, probably worse with windchill.)  Joe and I started pretty much right at the front.  We set off at what I would say was a pretty conservative pace, being careful not to slip as the street of the start/finish was the icy-est of the whole race.  After about half mile, I would say we settled into a good pace and my hands were actually feeling really hot with the hand warmers in my gloves.

We crossed the mile right at 7:00 and it was at this point that I could easily see there were 2 girls ahead of me.  There was one just a few strides ahead, so after the mile I cruised passed her but the other girl was much further ahead (ended up that she was running the 5 mile, which is how I ended up placing 1st in the 5k.)  Joe also started to fall behind me after a mile so then I was on my own.

I came to the 2 mile mark at 14:10, so the 2nd mile was a 7:10.  Much different than my 2nd mile of the Hot Chocolate 5k and I was a little discouraged I had slowed down a little because I thought I was speeding up or at least staying constant.

A little after the 2 mile mark, I caught up to a guy who truthfully I wasn’t sure if he was a guy or if it was actually another girl because he was so bundled up.  As we rounded the final turn a spectator said something along the lines of “battle it out for 2nd and 3rd” so I assumed that other girl who was much further ahead had won, and me and this he/she person were going for 2nd/3rd place female.  Turns out it was a guy and he was battling the other guy for 2nd/3rd place male…so yeah, that’s how little competition there was here.

I crossed the 3 mile mark in 21:17, so a 7:07 3rd mile.  I knew I’d finish right at 22 minutes and ended up at 22:02.

So I crossed the finish line and immediately I got asked to have my picture taken with the 1st place male and was told I won.  Overall there were 66 runners in the 5k – probably about half women I’d guess.  And about an equal number in the 5 mile.  That girl ahead of me won the 5 mile in 34:11, so she definitely would’ve had me in the 5k.  But oh well, a win is a win I guess.  First time ever winning a race!!


I talked with some of the spectators and race volunteers around the finish – they were telling me that I looked very relaxed and smooth coming into the finish.  That was surprising after seeing my finisher video from the Hot Chocolate 5k – I looked anything but relaxed finishing that race.  And also was in a lot of pain immediately after crossing that finish line.  This time I just felt like it was a casual run – definitely harder than normal, but not like all out dying to go as fast as I could because of the roads.

So it ended up being just about as good as I could’ve hoped for – definitely happy with the time and looking forward to doing more races soon, but hopefully in better conditions!

And afterwards there was Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts, Skinny Pop, and water.  It’s just unfortunate it was so cold!  Otherwise I think this race would’ve gotten a lot more participation and be more of a fun atmosphere, but understandably people didn’t want to be outside any longer than necessary.

Have you ever won a race?

6 Thoughts on “Race Recap: Prospect Arlington Fall Haul 5k (22:02)

  1. Congrats on the win! I was going to do this one, but the weather forecast made me change my mind. I did run outside yesterday, tho!

  2. Congrats on your WIN!! That’s so exciting! I’m glad to hear the race went well, despite the cold. I wouldn’t have wanted to be out running yesterday, that’s for sure.

  3. Congrats on first place! Nice!

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