iPhone Photo Dump 12/2/15

Good morning!

Now that I’m getting back on the blogging game, my goal is to take more photos things pertinent to what I’m writing about.  But for now, I just have a lot of random photos on my phone from the past 2 months that I’ll share with you.  So get ready for some fun.

I “Peanutized” myself:


I’d say the fashion choices and hair are accurate.  I’m sad because I was being a BMC (Bad Mood Colleen) when I created this.  Last week when I went out to shovel, I think this was the exact outfit I was wearing – the blue spandex at least, then with purple Hunter boots and a white coat, similar to my “Peanutized” purple coat.

Even though now we are approaching the dead of winter, I’ve put together some super basic fall outfits lately:


Oh and speaking of being basic, here is another selfie of me wearing a scarf while drinking a Starbucks fall drink:


But no, I do not like the PSL.  This one was the new TGL – Toasted Graham Latte and I would definitely recommend it.  It’s not as good as the GBL (GingerBread Latte) though.

I can’t wait til my hair grows a little longer and I can do a bun again:

I got to work the Chicago Marathon expo with one of my Sweaty Besties:


I never did write about that since I wasn’t on top of my blogging game.  I took the Friday of Chicago Marathon weekend off of my real job so I could work the Sweaty Bands booth at the expo with Lindsay and Shelby!  It was definitely a fun day, but it was LONG.  And I thought I would never be able to stand again after being on my feet for so long.

I had myself a little fiesta last Friday night when I was home alone:


Heaven exists:


That’s all I have for you now.

Do you take a lot of photos on your phone or do most just end up being Snap Chats?

What is your favorite Starbucks holiday drink? Or any Starbucks drink?

Tell Me What YOU Think!

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